The Start.

September 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

My route in education has been charted with the rigour and righteous passion of my father, with the self-confidence and assurance that only hardcore life experience can yield, since I was in kindergarden. Alliances to Hui Kuans have been made and then dropped once it has outlived its usefulness, teachers scarred with two page long letters on a dubious P2 question on punctuation – just the usual Singaporean parenting at its pinnacle.

However, parents can only hold your hands until a certain point. Some parents preserver, but Wonderland that is JC can be hard for parents to understand let alone navigate for their offspring.

I have lived in luxury of never having to make hard decisions, an epiphany I have come to realise recently as I entered JC1 this year. To take H3 or not to take? Local uni or pursue that mystical fairy-dragon dream of an overseas education? Go on that one week journey to Cambodia to help build a toilet or to spend it watching cat videos on Youtube?

There are some decisions that we have to make for ourselves. Decisions that innocent and bright-eyed seventeen/eighteen year olds really shouldn’t have to make, but do make them either way.

((Hopefully, I won’t give up on this blog halfway, as I have a tendency to leave a string of abandoned blogs in my fits of literary awakening and stagnation.))

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