Update on existential H3 crisis

November 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

(non-existent) essay crisis averted! \o/

Submitted a very pretentious preliminary draft to the teachers 1.5 hours past the date line of ‘end November’, but at least I don’t have to worry about it now. And to my surprise, one of the teachers emailed me back literally one minute after I sent it (???) to say that she would be away till the 14th of Dec and she would get back to me then. I was surprised because I didn’t even know she taught lit in the first place, and I also didn’t know she was in charge of me for my H3??? (CONFUSION! AT 1.32AM)

I am fairly pleased with how my preliminary idea turned out, even though admittedly it was a last minute thing. I had originally intended to do something related to unreliable narrators, but I realised it would be too difficult finding secondary research which Cambridge requires. However, I am slightly afraid of the appropriateness of my choice of texts because all the H3 papers I have seen (published by VJ people, which I am simultaneously hesitant and grateful about their egalitarian approach towards disclosing all their academic materials) have texts by the same author. I am not sure if it is a VJ H3 lit ‘thing’ (like how DHS has obsessive requirements over PW font and annotations, whereas others JCs apparently treat with flippant disregard) or it is written somewhere in some ancient Cambridge sensei H3 lit manual towards getting Distinctions.

Either way, I hope Ms Ng supervises me for H3. She sat with me for a 15 min consultation on Othello (which is a text she does’t even teach in the first place? WHAT) and absolutely blew my mind with the analysis she gave. Not to mention the time we begged her for last minute input for our WR days before final submission she absolutely¬†destroyed our WR and the basis of our entire PW within 10 minutes of reading it for the first tine. It was magical.

Hoity-toity H3 Crisis

November 30, 2014 § Leave a comment

The teachers want me to submit my possible ideas/themes for my H3 at the end of November.

Guess what, it’s the end of November and I have absolutely no clue on how I am going to convey my brilliance to the dear Cambridge H3 Lit markers without killing myself in the process by doing an unnecessarily academic/boring/long-winded/convoluted book(s) in an attempt trying to be hoity-toity and cheem.

I wouldn’t be so affronted if we could submit various¬†possible ideas/themes/examples we could do. I don’t like having my genius being limited to one 100-200 word explanation to why I want to research this particular field of literature. (I kid, I kid)

What makes it worse is that I tried to go down to NLB to see if there were any reference books relating to the books I was considering and to my horror, the books which the library had decent reference books on were for the really lit-lit authors like James Joyce for example??? Then I realised that perhaps the Cambridge markers were so stingy with their Lit Distinctions was because everybody was choosing to do American texts instead of attempting to quail the horrific beast of posh Bronte-Dickinson literature. Which inevitably led to me having a essay crisis (without even having even done the said essay) in the middle of the lit section of the National Library because oh my god, why did I sign up for this????

In other news, I know the term ‘reference library’ is self-explanatory, but why the hell can’t we borrow the books out? Is it to prevent some NUS Lit mugger (do they even have a lit course in NUS? IDK) from booking out all the books to deprive the rest of the plebeians of The Cambridge Companion to Contemporary English Novelists???¬†Or is it to entrap hapless souls in the library such that the Singaporean Education system can continue to feed off and harness the omnipresence of our society’s mugger culture through sheer osmosis and stagnant library air-conditioning?

Anyway, finally revived this blog after giving up on it once promos ended! Considering un-privatsing my old pre-promo preparation posts for Duchess of Malfi, but given that I let down my family and my cow with my horrendous Paper 1 for promos, I think it’s best I let them stay closed as a reminder of my shame and incompetence.

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