Day 1 out of 365

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Happy New Year’s everyone! 🙂

Ended 2014 on a somewhat nostalgic note because I decided to do the thing and delete (most) of my photo from 2014 to make space for new memories in 2015. Looking through all the photos and categorising them onto my laptop was a really good way to reflect on what 2014 meant to me and it really gave me a lot of hope and excitement for the coming year.

Looking through all these memories and different tiny snapshots from various events, be it “big” events like Sports Carn or smaller scaled ones like pancake dates with the four friends (haven’t thought of a team name for us yet HAHAHA) really made me grateful for the people I have met in 2014, even though we may not still stay in contact. People like the photographers (which I will be seeing much more in the coming year), the Centerstage Comm, PW groupmates, 5C11, all these people contributed a bit to my 2014 story and while I sometimes wish I could go back to the easier times in Y3/4, I am nevertheless still really happy to have had the chance to work with and interact with these people I usually normally wouldn’t have had the chance to.

For 2015, I honestly feel really positive and hopeful. I know there is probably going to be tough times with A’Levels, H3 etcetc but unlike 2014, where I was filled with more doubt and fear (I remember long WA conversations with Kimberley about these things) I can now say I I approach Year 6 with a greater understanding than I did when I was first going onto Y5. I am a person of consistency and honestly, I am very very glad that there are still constants in my life that will continue to exist this year as well. Especially on the teacher front, with Ms Hidayah, Ms Ng (plsplspls), Ms Lee, Mr Tan, I am so excited to be able to be taught by them next year again ^^

I am not a fan of resolutions because I don’t stick to them really well and sometimes I feel that things will work itself out in the end without us having to really consciously push for it. What I want in 2014 is to say yes to more things, be it going out with friends or pushing myself academically. I hope to spend more time with my family and to put in a greater effort with interacting outside my comfort level (don’t know how well it is going to do but might as well try!)

Now, my photo roll is really empty and sad but starting from tomorrow onwards I can’t wait for my iPhone to tell me I am out of memory storage once again.

That moment when

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Horrifying moment when you stare at a lit passage and realise you have forgotten how to write a lit essay 🙈

What I’m grateful for in 2014

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3.45pm and I have wasted the better part of the morning + afternoon away doing lame, meaningless stuff D: The only vaguely meaningful thing I did was to scan Kimberley the lit stuff because she lost hers and that’s it…

I’m always telling myself to wakeup early at 8 so I can at least waste time in the morning and still have most of the afternoon to study and do productive stuff, but the problem is that I keep sleeping at 1/2am because I always shower around 11/12pm at night (because again, I was doing meaningless stuff after dinner and procrastinated showering lol) and I hate sleeping with my hair absolutely soaking wet, so I have to spend time waiting it to air dry because I am a firm believer in not blow drying hair. And because I sleep so late and my holiday body clock is used to getting 10 -11 hours of sleep each day, I always end up waking at 10 – 11 am in the morning /o\

Which is bad, so I am going to promise myself to bathe at 6 pm today (which is in like 2.15 hours ughhhh) so at least that’s one thing done for the night. And I promise promise PROMISE that I will sleep at 11pm today because I have to kick my sorry body clock back into JC mode.

Which brings me onto the second thing of being the oldest in the school now??? It feels so weird writing ‘6C11’ on my hols homework and it’s like REALITY CHECK IN THE FACE. Sometimes I just really want to get A’Levels over and done with so I can go to university and sometimes I wish everything will just slow down so I can go back to blissfully wasting time and writing plays and performing plays with my friends in year 3/4.

Can I also just say I really miss Year 3/4? I will never miss Y1/2 because it was honestly quite sucky, but I realised how simple and easier being 15 and 16 was. I mean of course there were some sucky parts like mandatory chem lessons, but there were also some really great times like lit lessons with Mrs Vora and Ms Sangeetha (am I spelling her name correctly? IDK) And doing the Shakespearean plays with my friends and performing it on stage was really fun, even though I remember distinctly remember that I said I would never ever do it again, but now looking back on it as a crusty 17 year old I would totally have done it again if I was a Year 3/4.

Since we are on track to reminiscing, might as well say something I did like about 2014. Well, for starters I am grateful that I got to know Kimberley so much better than when we were in Y1-Y4 and she is really a friend that I honestly feel so lucky to have in my life, because she is a very special person in many many ways and one of the best kind of people to have as a friend (I am probably very very biased haha) Oh and I’m glad that the four of us still remained tight even when being split into different classes which is a feat because usually I am really bad at keeping friends :<

And I am glad that I got to study the combi I have originally and only ever wanted to do. Even though I’m not doing as well as I hoped in some subjects (actually scratch that, all my subjects) I still remember the fact that I had to study that baffling chemical molecules crap in year 4 and I am forever grateful that I dropped that toxic shit out of my life. (Sorry not sorry to any people who take chem) I am so grateful that H1 Math wasn’t half as bad as Y4 math and that I got a nice Math teacher (who is not coming back next year though sobs. Miss you Mr Chua) who totally redeemed all the math teachers out there after the Kong Monster. And I am not afraid to say that because she was really so so so horrible to so many people in our class and I heard she left DHS SO THERE. HA.

Aside from that I am also grateful I got to do a CCA where I met some really nice people, even though I don’t hang out with them a lot. I am also really happy to be in a CCA where I am doing something I am more comfortable in and I am going to try to make a greater effort to do duties because I was really really slack last year 😀 But I don’t know how that will go since we have all the exams to prep and stuff so…

There are a lot of other things I’m grateful for but I have procrastinated enough so I’m going to go do some actual productive work now \o/

The Rant – #1. Write what you want.

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The xiaxue vs. GC saga continues, honestly wondering how long interest can be sustained before it just dies down like all Internet fads.

Anyway, I am not a fervent xiaxue fan or anything but I do follow her instagram because I think Baby Dash is freaking adorable. I have also read her article exposing GC, but I have not read GC’s response because 1. I’m lazy 2. I’m not interested/invested enough to bother

Anyway was talking with my dad tonight about this incident. Obviously he doesn’t know a lot about it and roughly knows the vague details of it (probably from the online kopitiam forums he likes to go) but it ticked me off a bit when he said she shouldn’t have “went around attacking people like that” and if she was “not careful” she “would get sued.”

I’m a big believer in freedom of speech, paticularly in writing. I believe that language shouldn’t be constrained just because some people will take offense to the connotations of this word or that etc. You can write the shit you want, as long as you are prepared to take full responsibility of the consequences of got writing. Xiaxue writes in a very provocative style and while some may take offense to the stuff she is saying, I do admire her in a way that she is not going to be PC all the time just to avoid the haters. After all, it’s her blog, she has a right to express her opinion and as long as she is willing to take responsibility for her words then so be it.

Anyway, my dad was just being his grumpy old man self (I think he doesn’t like her cos of her makeup and weird colour hair etc) and commented that “people on the forums” saying that she (xiaxue) has “always been very mean [sic]” or “picking fights with many people”.

And I straight up told him that he (And the “people on the forum”) was being rather hypocritical about it as well. If those anonymous users on forum pages are allowed to talk shit about xiaxue and her life and what she does, how is that different from her “picking fights with people” and writing her expose? How can they be so high and mighty about what she is doing, when they are essentially doing the exact same thing – talking shit about other people. Not even just xiaxue but everybody who is vaguely in the public eye. If anything, they have the relative anonymity to hide behind while everything xiaxue is doing she is at least doing it with her face and her true identity on the line.

So that’s my rant for tonight. I am not commenting on the whole xiaxue/GC saga but I will continue to be vaguely interested by it all. Honestly though, in the end I feel there will be no winners in this whole shit storm.

Christmas Partay

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Went to Yew Hwei’s house today for the christmas(ish) party/meetup today! Was afraid that I would have to skip it because my immune system decided it wasn’t feeling the festive season and died on me ONE DAY BEFORE I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO. So essentially I spent yesterday being very nua and sickly, but I felt much better today so I could go yassssss

But my sinuses acted up so I was monopolising like all the tissues in Yew Hwei’s house even though I brought my own tissue box (BOX. NO JOKE) in my bag :’) Anyway, it was good fun with the Dance Crew(?) game on the Kinect and Cards Against Humanity. Totally killed it on the first two CAH games we played but then when Kimberley came over Yan Lin started to dominate us and I don’t even know??? KIMBERLEY IS IT BECAUSE U FIND YANLIN FUNNEH???

Yanlin: *looks at her card* What’s foreskin?

YH and Me: ….

YL: I’m going to google it

YH: NO DON’T. DON’T GOOGLE IMAGE IT. Just, like, wikipedia it or something.

YL: *after googling* oh it’s like a penis.

-insert laughing tear emoji here-

Anyway, wish I could have taken some photos of the combinations we came up with. I felt the cards on my second hand were very good because there was cards to the effect of “Gay German sex dungeon”, which is so versatile imo, as compared to “The Care-Bear Stare”?? The legendary “sad hand job” card also came up and yew hwei was totally correct in saying that that card can be used in any context and still be funny.

Hopefully the rest of my holidays will not be anti-climatic from today onwards, but I still have tons of hols homework to rush and me sad.

Academic transparency

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Discovered that apparently VJ has this learning portal thingy where they can access their grades for promos/exams or whatever and it tells them their score and percentile and their exact ranking for a particular subject in their cohort.

DHS should seriously start aspiring towards this kind of academic transparency. Of course people would say moralistic things like, “Oh, it’s not all about the grade/ranking/number on a piece of paper” but in the end, we are kind of defined by a grade on a piece of paper. Of course, that grade isn’t and hopefully shouldn’t be the most important thing in your life, but at least for now, that grade is going to give you the ticket to go to the places you want to go and give you the opportunity to even take a solid step towards doing whatever the hell you want to do in the future. That is not to say your life ends because you don’t do well on one exam paper, or even in a national exam. But admittedly, you do have to fight even harder to escape that bad grade assigned to you and climb out of it.

Tortured metaphors aside, it’s not like telling us exactly where we lie in our cohort is going to breed some competitive Hunger Games mentality in us. And it’s not like we are not already silently comparing ourselves to others in our class. Anyone who didn’t bother (not so blatantly) checking the average/highest/lowest marks in the class when the teachers pass down the class sheet with all the final grades on it to be signed is either a liar or the next pope.

Besides, it’s not like they are giving out the ranking of everyone’s grade. I don’t see any harm in being able to see objectively where my grades lie among my peers and where I need to improve. It is certainly better than the crap they give us where we all self-comfort ourselves that “everyone else did badly” and how “it is totally expected to flunk XYZ subject”. Why are we only settling for mediocrity and failure? Why are we always looking in awe of Raffles or HCI kids and their 70, 80, 90% A grades and resigning ourselves to being a “mid-tier JC”? I am not asking the school to let us live the disillusioned lives of believing JC is going to be a piece of cake, but at the same time I do wish that they would stop passively instilling in us that DHS kids are and forever will be academically inferior to kids from supposedly top-tier JCs.

***That is not to say that DHS teachers are bad or anything. I think that a majority of them are passionate, dedicated and approachable individuals and I would like nothing better than to be able to be taught by them. But sometimes I personally get the vibe that they look at us with a look of exasperation of “yeah, DHS kids are always like XXXX, while XYZ school kids are so outspoken/active in class/achieve godly A percentiles etc etc” or “Oh yeah XYZ school achieved a 99.999% A rate for A’Levels, that is just crazy man hahahaha but of course that is their average school standard, let’s not try to aim that high and settle for something like 30% As okay?”

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