I make questionable life decisions.

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Wasted the day away doing stupid random things such as browsing as many social media outlets to avoid doing actual work.

Then thought it was good idea to start filing my shit at 11pm at night and nearly 4 hours later, it’s 2.40 am I have a headache, I ran out of folders so I can’t file econs (just as well I suppose) but at least I basically did something vaguely productive – all while listening to Maroon 5’s Sugar and T.Swizzle’s Blank Space.


(Yes, my music tastes are extremely un-hipster and painfully Top 40s. I don’t really care for whatever indie-pop-grunge-rock-hillsy-folk music y’all whippersnappers are into.)

The World’s Obsession With Amal Isn’t About Her Accomplishments

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As a service to greater humanity a.k.a my two to three loyal followers (yes I check the stats and that’s what the hit counter is for) I have decided to set up a GP folder where I share interesting news articles to perpetuate and ostensibly improve DHS’s GP A rate through my pretentious online blog.

Anyway, I feel like the article below regarding Amal Clooney is on point on the depiction of women in the media. Particularly how it seems the media while trying to pander to the times of feminism and gender equality, seems to only do so to show how “current and hip” they are in not reducing women to what bloody clothes they are and are not wearing.

Aside from using this as evidence for media/gender essays, I feel it also has the potential to be a original and unorthodox introduction starter as well as providing a humorous enough link back to be placed in the conclusion to tie up the essay neatly with a pretty pretty bow that the Cambridge markers seem to like.


Amal Clooney is at it again— doing something celebrities don’t usually do, and looking like a movie star while doing it.

This time, she’s arguing in the European Court of Human Rights against a Turkish politician who denied the existence of an Armenian genocide 100 years ago in which more than 1.5 million people were brutally murdered. That’s, like, sooo impressive… but who is she wearing?

When a reporter from The Telegraphasked her, she cheekily replied “Ede and Ravenscroft,” the legal robes maker that has been selling drab back judge costumes since 1689, the year Benjamin Franklin’s parents met.

Once she did that, the focus shifted from the history of the Armenian genocide to Amal’s sense of humor and fashion choices. The global reaction to her comments was proof that jig is up: it’s stop pretending you care about what Amal Clooney is doing, when you really just…

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The P(x) that I now prefer maths and at the same time not really.

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So horrifying. I came to the realisation I am now preferring and looking forward to H1 Math than all my other H2 humanities subjects (well except maybe lit.) I feel this arises due to two reasons:

1. I get to see Yan Lin and it lets me get my dose of vicariously living through her without actually needing to go through all the drama myself HAHAHA (<3 you Yali)

2. H1 math is so mindless and all you really need is to understand roughly how the basic formula works and just mindlessly do practice after practice until you get it right. And you know what’s the best part? MATH GIVES YOU ALL THE MODEL ANSWERS. MODEL. ANSWERS.

You do not know the pure joy of simply flipping to the back of the book to have the answers all neatly and beautifully written out for you when for History/Econs and Lit I am constantly baffled at the “templates” the teachers give (“I template Ideas not essays” Seng, 2015.) And the best/worst part is that there is no perfect answer, because there is always this layer of analysis to add or that evidence being too narrative and needing to “change” except I have no freaking idea how to change and make it less narrative because if I thought it was narrative in the first place I wouldn’t have wrote it in now would I or this proposal “being too vague” (sorry H3 gripes).

Perhaps I just need to treat humanities the same way I treat math. Understand the basic “formula” (that in itself is a challenge) and just practice. But that seems to demean and degrade humanities because it seems to takes away the complexity of the subjects and simplifies them to rote A’Level regurgitation of model essays and paragraphs.

tumblr_n4o5ecbFKb1r12ruio1_500If it ain’t complex, we ain’t interested. 

The Protracted Nature of the Family-Internet Conflict.

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In which I have finally learnt what “protracted” means. 

Quick post before I head off to redo and (hopefully) write a much better proposal

Been thinking of where I want to place my priorities this year. Academics is of course is the main focus, since it is A’Levels and all. But I think I also want to place less priority and time on the Internets, even with its very very fun but very very time-wasting Buzzfeed videos and amusing tumblr text posts, and more on spending time with my family.

Like today, I did my fair share of procrastination by indulging in a later afternoon pre-dinner carrot cake + oyster omelette food fest from old airport road hawker centre with the parents, followed by lazing around and talking/being interrogated by them about random stuff like “how many of my classmates want to go overseas to study” (that questions of course posed by my dad, to which I replied I honestly did not know, as with many other things that concern people outside my friendship group) And  then I continued on the procrastination by watching the 7pm Korean drama about some melodramatic chef/family/romance trilemma with my parents and provided absolutely delightful (to me at least) commentary about “how patriarchal that all men in K-dramas like to drag girls by the wrist” etc etc.

And while I only started work at around 9 plus, which consisted of only doing the hist paragraph – I didn’t really feel as bad as if I had wasted and procrastinated all that time on the Internets watching beauty tutorials on how to draw the perfect eyeliner despite not being in possession nor have the intention in purchasing any makeup at all.

Sometimes I wish I can be a better daughter to my parents, because I feel lately (or ever since I stepped into DHS anyway) I haven’t really done stuff to make them super proud of me. And I also realised to don’t really talk to them at all normally because I would usually be hiding in my room the entire afternoon/night and only come down for dinner and even then we prefer to eat quietly because we believe that dinner is for eating and not for talking, plus my dad usually watches the 8pm Hong Kong/Taiwan even-more-melodramatic serial whilst eating dinner.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though the online world is pretty rad with its magical GIFs and no eye contact, I am probably going to make the effort to spend more time with the people that really matter in life.



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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


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Today we had to go around a HDB estate and knock on people’s doors to ask if they were willing to take photos for a SG50 display. Unfortunately this meant using two of my worst skills: 1. Being friendly to people and 2. Speaking Chinese.

So essentially before I press the doorbell/knock on the door I would be like pleasespeakenglishpleasespeakenglishplsplspls. And then if someone opens the door I would be like:


^except that is spoken in polite but extremely broken Chinese

Really don’t like speaking chinese because when I attempt to speak it all becomes very broken and angmoh-ish and this old lady gave me a wtf-you-talking-about-look as I was trying to explain about taking their photos for the SG50 thing and Ms Tan had to take over to salvage the situation.

Which is bad I know because I’m Chinese and I should know how to speak Chinese but while my mom does speak infinitely better Chinese than I do (and that’s because I set the standards dirt low) my dad can’t speak chinese at all and we always converse in English at home anyways. And in school we all talk in English because we are a lit/ELL/hist class so I haven’t touched Chinese since Chinese O’Levels ended.


My motto for Chinese is that as long I can speak well enough to survive in China aka fluent enough to order food/find directions/not die of starvation, I am personally okay with it because my future job mainly revolves around well – law, which is predominantly written and spoken in English. Of course, I am super awed whenever I hear other people like Ms Tan and Min Wei converse with the old people is like super good Chinese??? And I am just standing at the corner being awkward and bad at everything D: -insert sad tear drop emoji-

Anyway today was a good day, at least at the start. Had Tennis with Mr Teng and remembers me as “the girl who fainted the first time” HAHAHA And then we had our ASND essay test thing, then chatted with Yan Lin and Kimberley for one hour during the H2 Math Lecture period. GP lecture was… GP lecture. Assembly was somewhat motivational but not really at the same time.

H3 consultation today as well. Just a lot of things to improve on and looking back on the work I submitted it was really very bad. Yeah. So, no comment.

You gotta problem with me, BRO?

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-in History tutorial-

Mr Seng: *talking about stuff* Guys I have to tell you this – Singaporean boys are useless. 


Mr Seng: *after the boys in the class protest* Ugh, boys. *dramatic face palm*


Mr Seng: *to the girls* Come repeat after me! Ughhhhhhh – Boys. *disappointed sighs and shaking of heads*


Mr Seng: Oh did I tell you about the time I killed a iguana? My car rolled over one and when I turned back, the head and the tail were detached from its body! That’s how big it was. 😀


-In IH History lecture where it was supposed to be Mr Seng’s lesson but he hand’t come in yet and Mr Tan came in to give some admin announcement- 

*some people probably discussing how come it was Mr Tan who came in instead of Mr Seng*

Mr Tan: *overhearing* What, it cannot be me to come in to lecture meh. You gotta problem with me BRO?


-insert laugh cry emoji-

^Mr Tan trying to act gansta and throw shade is damn funny.

Normal day today, Econs we covered another question, as usual. History we were sent into a more controlled version of a crisis whilst realising our question analysis is utter rubbish and for lecture we finished AI and started on Indo-Pak, which is one of the more amusing short forms for History topics haha. In Lit Ms Ng was fabulous as usual and we went through the overarching ideas for Stevens in relation to his own existential crisis. Realised the entire ROTD is Stevens in a self-denial existential crisis lol.

At first I was planning to go to Parkway to get my Caramel Iceblended fix but then yesterday Ms Hidayah said we were having H3 consultation today. So I was kind of bummed because I figured once H3 consultation ended it would have been to late to head to parkway. But today she suddenly moved it to tomorrow so I got to go get my ice blended and do some ASND 🙂 I realised I can do lit better in a place where there is people around talking, doing it alone in my room or in a silent library is very difficult. I have no idea why sigh. Maybe having the white noise of people around me helps to channel the feels better?

I always described lit as “reaching into your soul and pulling some bullshit out” because that’s exactly what the process is. Writing essays is different from doing analysis. Writing essays is putting analysis into a structured rigid format which conveys information in a concise and clear manner. DITSS or pure analysis done for evidence to put into the essay is totally different.

People have asked me how to do well in lit and I honestly don’t know how to answer, aside from the usual generic answers of like not having two copies of the same text etc etc. For analysis it’s mainly for me finding parallels across the text and link it under a common theme (same with History, you are supposed to find recurring patterns or trends). I suppose the main idea is to analyse a quote in relation to the larger picture or a larger theme.

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