Dunked underwater

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Yesterday during ACJC history lecture

Lecturer: It wasn’t so easy in the old days, we didn’t have all your iPads and iPhones. When I went home after school I had to play with… uh…  nuts!

Audience: *snickers*

Me: Well, that can be taken in more ways than one.

Lecturer: Peanut! Peanuts! Peanut shells.


It’s been an exhausting week despite Monday having no official lessons and I got to see Kingsman (strange, it seems so long ago when it has just been four days). And to be honest I haven’t exactly been very happy these few days. I would mostly chalk it up to H3 gearing up again for pure insanity in the next two weeks and the fact that I haven’t been doing any revision for my other subjects. Probably also I haven’t been getting as much sleep as I should and I constantly feel like my head is being dunked underwater with that very blocked and vacant feeling.

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An emotional day.

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 “Boys, I’ve had a rather emotional day, so whatever your beef with Eggsy is, and I’m sure it’s well founded, I’d appreciate it if you could just leave us in peace.” tumblr_nj5p2zs1fz1txuao5o1_540

Do not mess with Harry Hart when he’s

1.  had a “emotional” day and

2. when you tell him he can’t be a Catholic whore, enjoying congress out of wedlock with his black Jewish boyfriend who works at a military abortion clinic.

How I snuck into watching Kingsman at seventeen – an autobiographical expose

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If anything, I love spy thrillers. It’s just the whole beautiful men in beautiful suits saving the world whilst looking beautiful that just gets to me. Also these films tend to be higher on the intelligence meter which I always like, because brainy is the new sexy. Plus I have always been intrigued in the whole spying business and the whole undercover covert secret agent cliche.


For god’s sakes, I went to watch Penguins of Madagascar because there was (some kind of) secret agent element to it, and loved every second of that penguin infested pixar feel-good classic okay.

So naturally, when I heard about Kingsman, which combined two of my favourite things in a movie: spy thrillers and british men. My heart was sold.


I was so intent on watching the movie I didn’t even watch past the Youtube trailers for it and nothing else. Usually, if I am half and half on a movie I usually try to scout tumblr and read the wiki page to gauge if it’s worth going to (and I know I spoil myself of the plot in the process but eh, whatever) But this time was different. I was so hell bent on watching it in a cinema – complete with cushion plush chairs, possibly fifty other pairs of humans in close proximity and whatever nonsense surround-sound effect only cinemas can provide. So I refused to read about it or watch any other videos on it in order to preserve the beautiful un-spoiled pristine ignorance I had about the plot beyond the fact that there were beautiful men being badass in beautiful suits in it.

There was possibly only one problem in my quest to satiate my need to watch this apparently highly raved about film (judging from the extremely positive Youtube comments which are usually a pretty good gauge) – it was M18.

Continue below to read my horrifically lengthy account of how I snuck into watching my very first M18 movie.


^And in this moment, I swear all the ovaries in the theatre exploded 

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41 minutes into Chinese New Year

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新年快乐!恭喜发财,大家学业进步 😀

Today was a fun day because school was only for two hours and my only classes were PE with tennis in the morning followed by Lit. We did the Dunman cheer and dance today during the morning assembly and as a result I got hooked on the song of the Dunman dance (which is Lilo and Stich’s Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride) and spent the entire afternoon doing spring cleaning while doing the aeroplane movements to the song 😀

Seriously that song if super uplifting and literally radiating good vibes~


After coming home I basically went on this cleaning rampage from 11 to 6, and I cleaned up most of my room which previously looked like a hurricane blew past it. Said hurricane referring to late night chionging of various humanities essays of course.

(Mom just came in as I was writing the last sentence to present me my angpao 🙂 I naturally went to open the latch to see how much I got (because I’m a material-chasing capitalist pig) and my mom went like: “连看也不要看那个红包的design,就要看你收到多少钱啊 ._.” HAHAHA)

Anyway, basically went into super saikang mode and cleared out my drawers and shelfs that were piling up with random stuff that I stuff in when I’m too lazy to put them in their correct place. But the best thing was that I found a pile of still brand new lit badges I bought over when I was in UK for the UK lit trip!!! I was literally so happy because there was the Shakespearean insult badges that I was looking for (already placed one on my bag) as well as some of the random art related badges I got from Tate Modem. Sigh, this really makes me want to go back again 😦 Darn, A’Levels, if not going to the UK countryside whilst reading Remains of the Day would be. the. best. thing. EVER.

Then had tea time with the parents and helped my mom pluck of the leaves from a tree branch she snipped off to put as decoration as those cherry blossom trees. Was quite fun decorating the branches with the pink furry wire thingies (idk man) and putting the little fake birds on them as well hehe She was saying how she was going to pass on this tradition to me so I can pass down to my future daughter and my face immediately went like:


I don’t think I want kids because they are really such a huge burden :/ Plus, I am already planning to adopt old dogs from the SPCA when I’m older so they at least can be happy for the last leg of their lives! Oh, and also planning to get hedgehogs because they are bloody cute AND a cocker spaniel because they are my favourite favourite breed of dogs. So I’m probably going to be a big career woman fur-mom 😉

This post was very positive because it is so great to finally have a break from school and spend time with the parents ^^


Find the binomial function that I am tired of yo shit

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Today after dinner

Mom: Eh, it’s going to be nine o’clock, I need to go watch my show!

Me: What show? *thinks it’s some random chinese/korean/Hk/Taiwan drama*

Mom: Top Gear lorh! 😀

Me: …what.

You see, my mom isn’t the “ang-moh kuan” aka basic white trash me so it’s amusing she really likes watching a British show with three middle aged British men talking about car racing. She probably got influenced by my dad or something because he really likes Top Gear as well because it’s British and he really likes the humour in British shows (which is basically dry humour and the stiff upper lip)


This brings me to last Sunday when something similar happened

Mom happened to pass by my room

Dad: *shouts from the living room* The show is starting!!

Mom: Your father ah, every weekend three o’clock will remind me about the “Jamesuh Jamesuh”* show

Me: I didn’t know he liked this kind of Korean drama

Mom: *delighted* Because of me lah! He accompany me watch the show and now he also addicted to it :DD

*She’s talking about this one Korean drama where one of the characters is called James, but obviously his name got butchered by the dubbing and it ended up with this weird lisp at the end which is very amusing

Wah the parents damn cute, influencing each other to watch their shows hehe

Sigh doing Binomial is damn sickening because have to press press press the calculator and even the most easiest and basic questions I take nearly 2 minutes to finish .-.

Taking a blogging break since I haven’t blogged in some time and to give my brain a break, then I am probably going to practice more questions then (try) to go to sleep relatively early. So much for brainstorming the History essay due on Wednesday hahaha

Also seems like almost everybody has gotten their YJC SBQs back but I haven’t, so I’m super worried he lost mine like how he lost Waves’s essay the other time (I might cry tbh) Anyway, tomorrow afternoon is basically dedicated to rushing out the essay in an attempt to sleep at a decent time and not at 3 am or some other god forsaken timing where I reconsider my life choices of taking three subjects that require me to write essays for each.

Met up with Yan Lin during the H2 Math lecture period and she was talking about how she had so much exciting *coughcoughcough* things that went on during her weekend in relation to *coughcoughcough* -insert suggestive face emoji-

Then I told her that unlike her, my entire weekend consisted of watching Youtube videos and doing my essay outline. You can see the stark differences in my social life and hers lol.


The spirit of Chinatown – A Photo Series

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O L D   &   N E WDSC_0015

DSC_0103Personally, I feel that there are two best kinds of people to photograph: old people and children.

One tells a story of a story that has yet to be told, and the other is a narrative written too plainly and perhaps, too harshly and a reminder of the inevitable ending to our collective’s inevitable story.

N I G H T  &  D A Y


It was funny to think that around a year ago, I was in the exact same place, looking at the exact same zig-zag patterned lanterns (well, almost) and trying to grapple with taking a decent shot of them as I was jostled around in the crowded lanes.

I am really proud of the second shot, which was taken later in the night. The 2015 font is really pretty!



In the spirit of absolute laziness, I opted for the portrait lens Pa got a few months back because it was simply the lightest and smallest of all the lenses I had. Looking back, it was probably a good decision borne out of a not-so-great intention because while I was unable to zoom at all and struggled with manually tuning the focus, the low-f-stop was a great help in lowering my ISO and increasing my shutter speed! I am also in love with the swirly, bokeh effects that came out and this above shot was one of my absolute favourites because of that 🙂

B L A C K   &   W H I T E 


As I said before, I like pictures of either old people or the young because I find the results of those photos are much more honest and refreshingly candid. But there are of course, exceptions.

The man above was a street hawker in one of the food streets we passed by and I am pretty sure he noticed three teenage girls with DSLRs sneakily/blatantly taking photos of the decorations around the stalls. It was funny because it was so painfully obvious he was posing for the photo and it just so happened he looked at my lens, and I got this shot. We made eye contact after I brought the camera down from my eye and I nodded to show I had taken a shot of him. I wonder if he understood.


This guy pictured was playing some kind of wind instrument and when I first got up to the bridge area he was just starting on playing the iconic Disney classic, Let it Go and when I returned back around an hour later after going up to the rooftop for the ariel shots, he was still playing the same song.

I like this shot because of the three people because of the framing of the man seated on the ledge, the person passing by and the man in the pagoda behind the speakers.


Kimberley patiently mentoring two of the juniors in the art of taking light trails! Really liked how this one turned out and the black and white filter seems to make the narrative even more poignant for some reason.

Secret Service in Daiso

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Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Yes, Mr President. We have the parameters secured.

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