My first and last words on Singapore’s ‘enfant terrible’.

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This is going to be the first and last time I will ever blog about Amos Yee, because this is as much of what he deserves of my attention, and frankly, anyone’s attention.

Was going home today my mom suddenly WA-ed me to ask “did you know Amos Yee got hit at court today”

My first thought was: “Oh my god, I hope he’s not too hurt.” because that’s the natural reaction you feel when you hear about anyone getting hit for no damn reason. Then I realised that while I cannot respect Amos for what he posted nor the way he got about proving his point (aka apparently photoshopping Mr Lee and Margaret Thatcher doing unspeakable acts that cannot be repeated in the presence of polite company), he is ultimately just a really rude kid in an unfortunate circumstance that he and the rest of the angry offended Singapores has created.

I read the article when I reached home, and it was basically how this middle aged guy ran up to Amos as he was walking to court and straight up punched the kid in the face, shouting “Sue me ah! Sue me ah!” before, gasp, running away. And when I read that, I felt a wave of absolute repulsion and disgust.

Dear Mr MiddleAgeGuy-who-obviously-have-too-much-time-on-his-hands, 

By punching Amos Yee and running away, you are in no way better that that potty-mouth teenager nor “heroic” because I have a pretty good hunch that was your intention for punching him in the first place. Wearing a cap so your face wouldn’t be recognised just proves how utterly cowardly you are, and while you were at it couldn’t you also put on a fake mustache and a cowboy hat as well? The actual running away after hitting him is just even more pathetic and laughable. I do not condone what Amos Yee wrote or posted, nor have I read or watched any of the apparently “offensive” materials that has caused the entire Singapore to implode into a mass bitchfest. However, in relation to your own little act of “defiance” and that’s being generous here, at least the kid has the balls and the huge inflated sense of self and ego to put his face where his mouth is. At least when he posted that shit, he was putting his face and his name on the line. You on the other hand, ran away after punching a sixteen year old boy.

I would like to propose to the entire Singapore, including middle aged men who obviously have reached a midlife crisis which can only be resolved by regaining their manhood through punching kids before running away: let’s all collectively forget that Amos Yee ever existed.

Why are we so wrapped up around this pretentious kid and whatever he posted or wrote? Why must we persist to villainize or victimise him on our twitters on our blogs (yes, yes I know) and on the news? I am honestly goddamn tired of scrolling past twitter to see CNA or ST updating about what our dear “enfant terrible” has gotten up to again. Amos Yee is nothing, he is not a threat to the Singapore security, he has not hit, nor murdered anyone. He’s just a novelty, a plaything for the media and the society as we watch this whole drama unfold with the vicious glee that only comes with the joys of watching reality TV.

This obsession with this rude sixteen year old needs to stop because CNA reporting to me on what seems to be a weekly basis on Amos Yee’s fashion choices or lack thereof when going to court is unlikely to ever be relevant to my existence, and I am pretty sure the existence of most people outside the venn diagram of middle aged men with anger issues.


Chronicles of self-inflicted public humiliation

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Was so unproductive today 😦 Mainly because I came home early as I couldn’t take studying in the library because the JH kids are absolute menaces and should all have a separate library where they can chatter amongst themselves in their little self-centred worlds to their hearts content. Makes me wonder if I was this self-entitled, bratty and childish when I was in JH (probably was but let’s disregard that for a second) Someone should give all JH teachers knighthood and induct them into the circle of sainthood. How they manage to deal with those little beasts every day and not want to leap into moving traffic is beyond me.

So, anyway I came home and basically was a huge lazy piece of shit that watched all the Youtubes and did none of her homeworks 😦 AGHH

Anyway, I have decided that every time I waste time doing meaningless things when I have a million other stuff that aren’t going to write themselves, I will blog about in my attempt of self-inflicted public humiliation.

My self-discipline is horrible, I am a lazy unproductive piece of crap that needs to pull her shit together.


How We Pick the TIME 100

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Recently skimmed through the TIME 100 edition mainly because for some reason Kanye West was on the cover (I still have no idea why he was on the cover except the possibility that it was done in TIME’s desperate attempt to boost sales for this edition) It was kind of ironic because a few issues ago, Taylor Swift was also on the cover of Times – except with a four page spread. Take that Kanye.

Anyway, I was mainly perusing the issue for the articles on the women honourees and was delighted that the UN Security Council, Samantha Power, was also given a centre fold spread! (mainly because I keep mentioning her in my GP essays but always cannot recall to mind her name)


In our annual TIME 100 issue, we tell 100 stories of individual influence. But taken together, these stories are an anthem to interaction, the convergence that occurs when you harmonize a good idea.

The technology that connects us also connects our worlds, of art and science and business and politics. So when we were debating whom to approach to write for this issue, we looked for people who could speak to their subject’s influence in all its dimensions. Entrepreneur Elon Musk writes about Kanye West’s “long game” as the music superstar moves into the worlds of fashion, design and philanthropy. Apple CEO Tim Cook is running the most valuable company on earth—but Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis writes about how Cook has also used his position to elevate issues from privacy to the environment to LGBT rights. Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson writes of actor

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In progress

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(( Was a lazy tard and fell asleep in my potato sack-material DPT at like 10 because I am a wild party animal that can’t be tamed.

Also maybe because the thought of doing econs was kind of like a pretty strong opiate 

On with the post! ))

I am writing this in the past, whereby the next time this is posted it’s going to be one day in the future and I would have not only survived my 3rd week of re-Mass PE but also known the results for my PW. Hello future me! I hope all has gone well for both your results and running *muscle emoji*

Hmm, PW. I wasn’t blogging during that period if not I bet it would be filled with pages and pages of angst and frustration. The thing is that I kind of don’t really remember the hard parts, in fact I don’t even remember writing my own individual PIs or anything. What I do remember is filming the video (sneaking into the pretty H&M dressing room, possibly violating several laws in the process,DH001’s Kallang Wave HQ etc) and carting that stupid 3D diagram from home to school and back home and watch it fall into pieces and being patched up again. I remember how self-conscious I was about the whole presentation part and how I struggled with eye contact and remembering my lines (and not forgetting that horrible, horrible bitch we got for PW trials) I also remember the entire 5/6C11 together in the canteen, late at night, furiously trying to rush out our WRs because some SC told us that the shop wouldn’t open on the next day and we were all basically going into beast mode and yeap.

Also, there was the very funny process of us naming our emails “Final WR!!!!” and then we’d edit it and it became “Final Final WR :D!!!” and then we just keep editing it over and over again and it eventually became like “Final Final Final Finally Final YES FINAL WR”HAHAHAHA Oh, and not forgetting the painful process of watching our WR being printed for the very first time, and then finding so many mistakes in it that we had to reprint it again and I stayed up till 4 am editing all those stupid footnotes.

Also funny story (in serious serious retrospect of course, because it sure as hell wasn’t funny when it happened.) I was getting ready to go to the printing shop at Katong to get our 2nd version of WR printed again and this was the morning after staying up till 4 am editing that damn WR. So just as I was about to get ready to leave, I accidentally dropped my laptop (which thankfully was in its casing) onto my foot. And if it were any other scenario I’d probably be cursing like shit, but then because it was during this whole PW period with the combination of the pain from the laptop smashing onto my foot plus the stress and the worry from WR and OP, I just sort of snapped and I just had to sit on the floor and cry. Then my mom came up and she saw me just sitting on my ass in the middle of my room crying and holding my foot and she asked me what was wrong and while it was mainly because I was really stressed and stuff I didn’t know how to tell her that so I just said, “my laptop dropped on my foot” and she gave me the most wtf face and walked out of my room.

That story is definitely funnier in retrospect, but also I was kind of concerned I broke my foot or something.

Yep so anyway, I am not a religious person, but I remember that moment before we were the very first group to go up for OP and we stood in a circle and Audrey said a prayer and idk, that moment really stuck with me because I felt really calm and assured after that. And OP went good as well for all of us so yeah 🙂 Going to be saying a prayer for my group mates and all the classmates!! Okay, time to go do serious homework haha.

Edit: Now, in the present which is also the future, ironically. But then as I type this, it is also in the past. Whoo. Time travel.

Predictability(?), PW grades went alright 🙂 Everyone in DH001 got an A and I am so proud of all of us especially when I suddenly thought of Celine once saying how our entire group was “crying in a C of tears” when we were in the canteen redoing and redoing our WR what seemed to be the umpteenth time. (Does anyone get the pun?)

(some introspective musings)

It felt pretty sad that while cheers from other classes were erupting around us, we were all quite stone and quiet. But I guess most of us were just relieved that our PW journey was officially over. Also, to put into perspective, I have always felt that an A for PW was a given and the chance of not getting an A was really slim because well, I put so much effort into it. And getting my result at the end of the day seemed to support my thinking. But when I hear of classes with literally 6 As and the rest a flurry of Bs, it really puts into perspective that maybe that A was not such a given after all.

It’s kind of like the feeling when you read about road accidents and people just die. Just like that. Struck down by a car and dead. Then you wonder, why isn’t that person me? Why isn’t that person somebody I care about? Why did some higher power up there choose that one person to be killed on what seemed to him and to many others, a perfectly normal day? Why are some of us allowed to go unscathed for most of our existence and live to a happy age of 100, while there are thousands of others being shot, raped, tortured and murdered every single day? What makes us the lucky ones?

Someone once told me that people were like flowers, you always pick the prettiest ones to die. Likewise, those who God loves, often die young. And maybe for the rest of us, his love comes in the form of giving us the strength to keep living.


Credits to original owner.

^I saw this on tumblr and had it saved on my phone for some time. I really really loved it for some reason.

dont be a card. 

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Today was an alright day 🙂 (not counting the shitty but kind of expected MCT grades of course) 

After school did some work then track then came home and finally did up Ma’s birthday card \o/ 

I really like doing cards for people because I just like having a reason to be artsy and being (almost!) 18, makings cards for people is the only way I can justify sitting down for two hours wrestling with glue and paper and choosing colour schemes and so on :’)

And I know I really love making cards because I also love love receiving handmade cards and pictures that I know people spent a lot of time on! I keep all the cards I get in this special box, so over the years there have been a lot of “you should speak up more” cards or “you are really quiet” cards but no matter!! 🙊

I put all the pretty/favourite human ones on the top and it’s just therapeutic remembering that there are people out there who are willing to use their time to make special cards or write notes for you 🙂

Are we out of the woods yet.

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Blogging on my phone because my parents went to IKEA so they are late fetching me 😦 A bit annoyed because I want to start on the Cambodia SBCS but I don’t have my notes so I can only roughly annotate the sources plus I am too sick of Othello to plan anymore and I have to go home and do it D: 

Originally planned to run around 5 but the weather is really a piece of 💩 plus tomorrow we are going to the zoo for photog so I will miss out a huge portion of time doing history ARGHHHHHHHH 

Anyway, I kind of like the vibes of the canteen when it is around this time. Not empty to the point of desolation but there’s enough people studying and enough people chatting to give off a really nice relaxed vibe which I like. (If only the tables weren’t so sticky ugh)


Are we out of the woods yet, are we in the clear yet – good.  

Going to church.

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Reflective mood today, which is always a good way to end the week!

So today, I went to church for the first time. Though, to be fair, I wouldn’t call the visit “going to church” but more of literally going to a church, like the physical action of being in a church congregation. I was fairly excited because I have never been in a church service before and I always like to have new experiences because I believe that’s how you grow as a person.

Now, I have been to churches before, but never participated in a church session. School trips to the really “church” churches and the trip to the one in UK where Shakespeare was buried. I know of the modern churches, those with the huge auditoriums and huge gleaming stages except I was really floored when I first walked into the conference hall because it literally felt like I was going to watch a concert.

The thing is that I viewed my trip to the church as more of… an experience? It is really hard to phrase this post because I feel it tiptoes on the line of me treating going to church like some novelty attraction, like going to a zoo or something, but in all honesty I feel it is something much more than that. Through the whole thing, I did become more reflective of what my own religion meant to me, and my relationship with it.

I suppose because I came with the mindset of simply observing instead of participating (because I was mainly under the impression it was just going to be the play and that’s all haha) I felt a bit bad because when some of the people there asked me how I felt about the whole session and “whether I was touched by Jesus”, I couldn’t really give an answer because I wasn’t really there to be touched by Jesus but more of discover how and why he has touched so many out there.

And in some ways, I kind of get it.

Christianity seems to really build this sense of togetherness and like comradeship. Like for instance, in the row in front of us, there was a middle aged couple and when the pastor asked everyone to welcome the new people into the church I felt really surprised when the woman turned back to us with a smile on her face and shook our hands. That moment stuck out to me because I felt that through religion it kind of bridged the gap between two total strangers to connect for no reason at all and that moment of human connection was really quite… different from anything I had before? But in a really good way.

Buddhism (which is what my family believes in) seems to be more insular in practice. Or at least, that’s what I feel from my own personal observations. I was surprised in the church session today because there was really a lot of sharing, and hugging and just this whole sense of community. This is the exact opposite in the temples, because usually people are just there in their own family bubbles and we pray and we leave. In a sense, when we pray, we don’t pray as a community or even as a family, but instead it is mainly a personal conversation with the different deities and God.

I feel that both religions provide support and hope in different ways. So when I hear someone say they converted from one religion to another, I feel that perhaps certain people find support through different mediums and the ways of a certain religion may not necessarily suit everyone. It is not a competition of which religion is better than the other, because that is utter bullshit.

As usual, I was being my really awkward self and I am absolutely rubbish at small-talk. Being pulled in and out the roles of simply being there as an observer and a participant was somewhat disorientating however ultimately I suppose I did learn a lot from this experience. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything that was being shared, and I was certainly skeptical about the ending of the play (reminded me too much of domestic abuse to be totally honest) but overall I guess I really took away and grew from this experience, which I am very grateful for.

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