Third time’s the charm

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DHS delegation yo

Went for my third MUN-related conference (since SMC isn’t technically a MUN) and it was definitely less intense than my first MUN where I was so confused and lost, and I think I made fonder memories in my second MUN for SDYC (reasons below) but I still had a good time doing being in a 6-person delegation team!

I was less nervous this round because there wasn’t the overwhelming pressure of being by myself since I had my team mates and close friends with me all the time and after two MUNs, the whole concept of General Speakers Lists, sponsors vs signatories, lobbying isn’t that foreign to me anymore as it had been with my first MUN. However, because we were split into ministries and people already had their own mini blocs of friends, it’s harder to make friendships outside the whole “must ensure they don’t cut MINDEF’s budget lest Malaysia decides to annex us like Ukraine”. Maybe that’s why I liked SDYC a bittttt more because everyone had to just make friends with everyone and we all ate together and played games during break haha

But, this doesn’t change the fact that I did kind of enjoy myself during the debate and lobbying/talking to people for SMC (first time I actually did actual lobbying, wow character development lol) and also got the chance to have a preview of supreme-MUN-popular-girl-1997 Low Yan Lin in her native MUN environment. No wonder every time come back from MUN she has some boy’s heart stuck on a stake, because she was seriously damn charismatic *-* Anyway, because I know you are reading this girl: I was always super proud of you whenever you went up to make a speech, and super duper honoured to be one of your best friends haha

As for lobbying/talking shop during unmod discussions, there were some awkward times with *some* people of *certain* ministries that I had to extract myself from, but on the whole it really feels awesome to be able to convince another person to see something from your point of view, or just use a piece of research you did to counter their point that they didn’t know about their own ministry. Definitely one of my new favourite feeling!

Turning back the clock, given the chance, I still don’t know if I would have joined ISAC instead of photog. (but then again I am reminded of the hassle that is planning DHAP lol) In all honesty, I don’t think I have to stamina or discipline to keep researching for MUN after MUN and then going for three intensive days of talking and people-meeting etc. MUNs for me are best enjoyed in small tiny doses but I feel like once you go for one, you always kind of want to go back, no matter how you hate wearing formal shoes or how exhausted you are by the second day. Some of my favourite memories are from SDYC (sadly, I have none from SCMUN) and the people I met there, and definitely even more from SMC as well.

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Team MINDEF: “without us you don’t exist”

Big Brother Is Watching You

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Only scrolled till 17 posts? For shame unnamed person stalking my blog! If you refer to the right side of the blog you can see the bounty of the lovely entertainment you have lined up for you for the next two hours as you dutifully procrastinate on that last math homework and instead read my words of utter genius.

Last Career’s Day

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Careers Day today, which involved a lot of sitting and listening and the occasional nodding off.

Opening speech by Mr Ong (is that his surname… I forgot) was not bad considering previous year’s speakers were either sleep inducing or horribly overdone. I would attribute it to him being a father of two teenager daughters who gave him the extremely sound advice of, “Don’t be preachy!!!”, which is possibly the best advice you could give to any one in terms of speaking in front of angsty and self-possessed teenagers. Suppose it takes a teenager to know a teenager.

Someone should have really told our vice principle that before he launched into that hour long speech about “STUDYING ALONE MAKES YOUR SELFISH/GIVE OLD TOYS TO POOR CHILDREN” during assembly last year….

So then we had the hour long NUS talks, which was for most part underwhelming except the extremely hilarious moment at the beginning which I shall (attempt) to reproduce here in textual form

It began with Ms X (full name redacted because I don’t want the school authorities hounding me) standing on stage being all pissy as she normally is when she comes to talk to us about “our future”. The opening talk had just ended and the people going to the other venues were just clearing out, so there were a few gaps in the front few row, majority of the people were in their seats because the NUS talk was the next event.

Ms X was being her usual condescending, must-impress-important-vip-people adult self, and impatiently ushering all of us “to hurry up and move”. And there she was, right in the middle of the stage, microphone in hand, and I quote, semi-loudly commanding us insignificant minions,

Her: “Hurry up and move your butts! We don’t want the external guests to see how messy you  – ” 

Me: Isn’t that the NUS people at the doorway

Waverly: Oh lol

NUS people: *oblivious/confused/amused* :D…?

Her: … *realising that the very-important-people had probably heard the very-important-must-save-face-nagging*

Me: She fucked up.

Waverly: She had one job.

NUS people: :D…?????

Me: wow.

She paused. Loooooooooooong pause. No follow up, no nothing. Just left the nagging hanging. Unfinished. No coup d’état for a triumphant show of her dominance over our lowly existence.


Because it was at that moment, she realised or someone presumably did the whole neck slitting gesture, that right there(!) at the PAC entrance – was the very external guests that were not supposed to see how messy and disorganised we all are, all kinds of obliviously confused at the irate teacher screaming at the sleepy teenagers at 10 in the morning.

It was such a beautiful moment that only the gods themselves could have orchestrated. Essentially in the wise words of Waverly, “She had one job and she fcked up.”

Watching her doing the Walk of Shame across the hall to shake the very-important-people’s hands, her awkwardly ended nagging left hanging, unfinished, was actually the most beautiful instances of karma I have ever seen.

I might have been cringing and hiding my face when it all happened because, wow, second hand embarrassment was coming in droves from the stage area.

Then had lunch before going to the hall for the third and last time ever to collect brochures/free stuff. Evidently, I am missing the crucial Singaporean survival gene of kiasuness so I wasn’t keen on squeezing my way through to get a brochure for NUS law, thankfully I had a minion wonderful friend, Waverly to get it for me. Though truth be told, it didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know (aka even with straight As you may be at the bottom of the cohort ha ha ha)

Most of the booths were redundant to me because they were either

1.) STEM related fields. (ugh.)

2.) Military related fields (I told my dad yesterday that it was my god-given right as a person born without a penis to not have to go through NS, given that I am already shackled with the biological responsibility of childbirth, the social responsibility of motherhood and the numerous disadvantages for being female in modern society aka wage gaps, workplace discrimination etc etc)

3.) Scholarships. (that boat has sailed out far from the harbour for this, in my case)

I was pre-occupied for a brief minute looking at the MAS Scholarship booth, which had the basic summary of the scholarship bond they offered (apparently, Law was potentially one of the courses they were willing to provide scholarships for) But the minute I saw “6 years” for bonding to get a overseas scholarship I had the immediate reflex of *cringe* and (perhaps a bit too loudly) mutter “6 years??” Heads were turned, so I probably didn’t say it as softly as I thought I did.

I don’t think people really realise the implications of a bond. Yeah sure, free money, who doesn’t want that? But let it not be forgotten that you are essentially paying that free money with your life. Literally. Adding up the math, you would be 30 by the time you finish uni and serve your bond at whatever benevolent company has helped fund your tuition.

Of course, I suppose it does provide a semblance of job security that the peasantry (aka non-scholars) do not necessarily have after graduating. However, given that you are smart enough to get a scholarship in the first place, and holding the assumption you must have went to a pretty good school and gotten pretty damn good grades, ceteris paribus, even without the job guarantee, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a job anyway. (please excuse my econs, I have a test not studied for on tuesday)

Rambling aside, after the free brochure grabbing, was followed by three consecutive hours of more sitting and listening. I fell asleep five times throughout the MDA talk, which was quite inappropriate since I was somewhat in a very visible position in the audi in front of the speaker. Then after which was the Law talk. Frankly, again it was nothing I didn’t know already. Long definitely-not-legal hours, literally no social/family life to speak of, “intellectually challenging”, “overwhelming at first”.

Finally ended the day with attempt to read the Global Econs readings and drinking milo in the canteen. Overall not a bad day excluding the fact I still have like two extremely thick readings to get through, just so I can answer that stupid tutorial question. Somewhere out there, a junior associate is pouring through all the case readings she has just been dumped with and cursing me to hell.

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You have Cat to be Kitten me right now – Theatre Arts Concert 2015

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Went for Theatre Art’s Catwalk To Apocalypse and they absolutely killed it! *hands raised in hallelujah emoji*

I had never been to any EDS/TA concert before in JH, plus they are always super popular and get sold out really fast (like within a day or something) So I am super glad I at least went to one in my last year of DHS 🙂

The first play Silence of the Kitten (I suppose a pun/wordplay on the popular novel Silence of the Lambs) was hard to understand at first but after awhile you can kind of get the gist of the message and metaphor they are trying to convey. Basically it is kind of a social commentary of how sterile Singapore is? Like the whole sterilising the cats and the not feeding stray cats is kind of paralleling to how Singapore tries to keeps itself as clean and proper as it possibly can. The part about the ‘cat-lovers association union’ or something along that lines asking the Minister why they can’t get a license to own cats to me felt a really good metaphor for the whole anti-LGBT thing in Singapore? Well, that’s the closest comparison I can draw it to. Especially the line where they mentioned, “What’s wrong with us loving cats in the privacy of our own homes?” and the whole “majority of Singaporeans not ready for cat lovers” or something like that! However, I think the rest of the play also comments on different types of social issues and not just the LGBT which is quite brave of them to try to tackle within a half an hour long play!

Though there was one part where the mother character was putting on making up and comparing eyebrows to cats about how eyebrows “serve no purpose” but without eyebrows your face would be different and ugly. I agree that without eyebrows people would just look really… empty. BUT EYEBROWS DO SERVE A PURPOSE. (segway and rant about eyebrows but eyebrows should be accorded the recognition they deserve!!!) The function of eyebrows is mainly to stop the sweat from your forehead and face from dripping down into your eyes and thus making them sting because of the salt. Without eyebrows, we won’t even be able to open our eyes when we are running 2.4 because our eyelashes can’t hold back the torrent of sweat glistening down our hairless forehead!!!

So yeah,

that’s my contribution for the functionality of eyebrows.

The short comedic piece on how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse was also a nice segway from the more heavier first play to the more light hearted second play of Fitting Rooms. It was also super funny when everyone in the audience started squealing and giggling whenever there was like a more suggestive/touchy scene :’D

Fitting Room was quite different from the first play! Originally I thought it was going to be similar to the first play in that there’s some kind of deeper metaphor in it but it was much more light hearted and comedic which was also good! I laughed so damn hard at the Chiyin/Nathania parts because the comedic timing was super on point! 😀 And at the end where the entire cast was on stage and Jamie’s character was just causing havoc and all the other characters were screaming from the ballpoint pen weapon was really damn hilarious.

Also, I think it is amazing how the actors can just switch on and off between different personas and how they are in person?? For me, that is the best thing about great actors because they can just switch into an entirely new person and you actually believe their persona exists for the the time they are on stage acting. It’s just. Wow.


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