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2.39pm: waiting for train at orchard. Probably eating my frankly absolutely, resolutely magical ION fishball noodles then going to kino to read (okay, who’s kidding BUY) books. It’s weird having nothing to do at all, because usually for the other holidays I have homework or revision to do. But this time is absolutely, utter liberating freedom.

6.04 pm: Just ran through the rain to get home and took a shower. Made myself a cup of tea and now settling down to read Carry On which I have been eyeing since it came out before prelims 😀 Shopped around for clothes but nothing caught my eye and I wanted to reserve my money for books haha Kino had their Black Friday sale and so so so lucky because today was the last day members have 20% off!! 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻   

 No idea what to do tomorrow though! Maybe will catch a movie or find someone to hang out with tomorrow. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. 


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Existential crisis and chill.

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Okay since the Mike GIF somehow magically made IH not as diasterous as it could have been, I’m continuing the tradition and posting a picture of Ben (it’s supposed to be a gif, but I’m on mobile so) 

I love this GIF set because he’s actually wearing fashionable clothes for once and his hair is floofy and not so gelled up like it is now :< yes I’m weird. (He’s pointing to his eyes because he’s explaining how everybody sees things differently, wow like no shit Ben) 

My ultra-good-luck-no-weird-questions charm for tomorrow. (Because he was a straight A student in school AND HE CAN COOK – LIKE PROFESSIONALLY, hello attractive) Hoping for Cambodian for ASEAN and easy questions for the Y5 topics. Pray that Cambridge lumps all the difficult ones in NB HAHAHA 


Just going to go in and know this is my absolute best. 

I will SEA you tomorrow!

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Motivating myself by saying how it’s the the last day of studying. Mildly annoyed there are people finished with their papers already *cries tears of blood*

I just want SEA to end on a good note, not like today where lit was once again asdfgghjkl. Literally this pain will be over in less than 24 hours. Crazy crazy crazy. 

Shit, I just want to make my parents proud man. 😦 the only motivating factor that kept me from dying internally during lit was that I didnt want to come home and tell my dad it was shit and still be able to tell him I tried my very best. 

Okay, no more emo. Just do decol then pre war then end by 11pm. 

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Discuss Kingston’s presentation of silence within a community in the Woman Warrior

(absolutely hate this essay plan, it’s so weak ugh. Just confirms my theory I’m probably going to end up doing ASND as the single essay. Just have to make it super cheem sounding hahaha)

There is the enforcement of silence on the individual so as to ensure cohesiveness within the community 

  • “You must not tell anyone”
  • Kingston theory that NNW was forced into sex by the man and was forcibly silenced to speak out from her suffering.
  • NNW did not speak out against the father of her baby

Women are rendered voiceless in a patriarchal society, entrapping them within subjugated roles.

  • Moon Orchid’s silence when confronted by her husband
  • Moon orchid’s silence in voicing her own desires to also join her husband in America
  • NNW’s subjugated state (can use evidence on top)

There is the imposition of silence upon individuals by themselves, as they negate their real voices to fit into their community 

  • “silence had to do with being a Chinese girl”->displacement of Chinese girls from American school.
  • Invented a soft-spoken American-speaking personality
  • Normal chinese women’s voices are strong an bossy -> Kingston’s embarrassment of her “chinese” voice so she decided to speak softly, to fit in to her Americsn narrative.

Good job bro

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“Othello’s identity depends on constant performance … of his story, a loss of his own origins, an embrace and perpetual reiteration of norms of another culture.” Discuss how Othello’s sense of identity leads to his destruction.

At first this question is very #dafaqbro but you realise your three points are already within the given statement. Except the points a bit difficult to substantiate tbh.

Constant performance of his story 

  • “story” -> general
  • speaks in blank verse in court -> used by higher class people
  • “what if I do obey/ put up your bright swords!”
  • “my parts, my title, my perfect soul” -> defines himself by his rank as a general
  • But, we see this leads to a his destruction when..
  • in Cyprus without the Turks fighting, his role as a solider is redundant
  • his calm nature in Venice is replaced by an intensely passionate demeanour -> starts when he calls out to Desdemona first “O! My fair warrior!”

A loss of his own origins 

  • Othello’s origins as a Moor is consistently negated by others, to the point where he starts to negate his own identity as a Moor
  • “Sooty bosom” / “foul charms”
  • “Your son-in-law is more fair than black” ->underhanded jibe at Othello’s race
  • “Oh her own clime, complexion and degree” Said by Iago about Desdemona to Othello. Insinuates that Desdemona would be likely to leave Othello because of her race and her superior upper venetian class
  • “haply for I am black … and have no soft parts of conversation!” -> self-negation comes in for Othello, he immediately pins Desdemona’s betrayal on his blackness, highlighting his insecurity in his Moor status
  • “Is not begrimed as black as ones own face.” pg 237 Othello is talking about Desdemona’s virtue and used his own blackness to describe something being tainted

Embrace and perpetual reiteration of norms of other culture 

  • this is the point where I have very limited points for
  • Which will probably be why I would not do this question
  • I think you need to talk about how Othello embraces Venetian culture and Christianity
  • Possible to use the instance on 331 – “And say besides that in Aleppo once, / Where a malignant and a turbaned Turk / Beat a Venetuab and traduced the state / I took by th’ throat the circumcised dog / And smite him – thus! [He stabs himself]
  • read in the earlier explanatory notes the reference to Aleppo and his service there highlights Othello’s service to Venice, but this ends on a disastrous note as he becomes the turbaned Turk who killed a venetian (Desdemona)
  • No idea how to give points for this, because half the book he is basically some deranged animal anyway.



Gonna post one more essay plan for woman warrior (maybe two) then gonna finish pre-war all the question types sobs.

The moment when Othello did the very first “honour killing” in existence

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Discuss the significance of honour in the play Othello

(realised most of my points were focused on honour as reputation, but I suppose it is also possible to incorporate how the pursuit of avenging one’s reputation (ahem, Othello) led to a sacrifice of one’s own personal honour (as in integrity)

Honour used as a visage to forward one’s own motivations

  • Iago’s manipulation of society’s favourable perception of his “virtuous” character -> “Good Iago/ Honest Iago”
  • He plays up to this role that society perceived him to be and used it as a guise to forward his own evil intentions
  • “You know my lord, I love you.”
  • “I am your own forever”
  • “Witness here that Iago give up / The execution of his with, hands and heart, / to wronged Othello’s service” Pg 239

The dependence of a woman’s good name and reputation on her husband within the context of a patriarchal society 

  • Desdemona’s honour as a Venetian women becomes tainted as Othello publicly strikes her and calls her a whore and a strumpet
  • Her mute acceptance reinforces how women could do little to protect and preserve their own good name and virtue
  • Othello deems her as a “summer fly in shambles”
  • She does not fight back to defend her name
  • Similarly, Emilia is unable to defend her own good name when Iago crudely insinuates her sexual openness when she is kissed by Cassio in greeting in the scene where she is introduced
  • Her mute response “You have little cause to say so” -> only led to even more misogynistic comments from Iagon
  • Ironically one realises that a woman’s reputation indirectly also affects her husband’s honour
  • Othello terms his murder of Desdemona a killing done in “honour” and “honourable murder” (pg 327)
  • A woman’s honour has to be validated by society/men

Characters derive honour through their public roles they gain validation from in society 

  • Cassio: “reputation is gone!” -> his good name is gone when he is stripped off his role (pg 198)
  • Othello sacrifices his virtue and integrity for the sake of avenging for his titular honour.
  • Othello: “my parts, my title, my perfect soul.” -> Othello defines his personal virtues by his rank and how he is perceived by society
  • When Othello discovers D’s “betrayal” he uses war and soldier imagery to express his distress -> her personal betrayal was seen as a blight to his profession honour/reputation
  • However, at the end of the play, when he realises that he had wronged Desdemona he states: ” I am not valiant either” (reference to how he had once been “Valiant Othello”, “But why should honour outlive honesty?” -> esteem from others/reputation in society vs. personal integrity.



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