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Realised I haven’t posted anything since I started the internship (or anything that is public lol) So here’s my lazy attempt to gain back my flagging readership. #sarcasm

Decided to have this Gif reaction post Suits themed (and one Harry Hart because it fits) because I am a cliche.


Going to work



When people stand too close to me on the train



Facing really long documents and (mostly self-imposed) deadlines/expectations



Lunch time


^The food is damn bloody good around the AXA area + I am starving by the time 1 pm rolls around 


Finishing work and going home \o/



Meeting with Waves and Yew Hwei to have tgif dinner + drinks this friday and I am so pumped for it yas.

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^can you imagine the Y5s receiving that email from ms ng after the high of orientation? Classic. 

The newest batch of Year 5s have just met Ms Ng and they are apparently both simultaneous in fear and also in awe of her. I was in her class for 2 years and I still feel the same way HAHAHAHA

But really that screenshot of her terms and conditions for handing in essays/MCs etc was really super slay leh. She should have become a lawyer or something.

Anyway, internship/work/?? is starting tomorrow :0 I am excited and a bit nervous, but this is the kind of feeling you should be chasing all your life isn’t it? Because it shows you are pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone and challenging yourself. That being said, I hope my flats don’t come apart halfway through the day because at the end of the last internship the sole of one shoes completely gave up on me and I couldn’t be bother to waste money to buy another pair of cheap flats so I just glued them together. This is the product of laziness to shop and also some stingy genes I got from my parents lol.

But really, after I started doing carousell, I am more conscious of how and where I spend my money. Speaking of which, this one month is probably going to burn an irreparable hole in my wallet that only ten years of manual labour will recoup the transport costs/food costs/misc

(going on a tangent here)

I remember telling someone that it all seems so cyclic – our existence that is. That we go to school, struggle so hard to do A Levels, finish A Levels, immediately go find part time work, work part time, get back A Levels, go to university, study hard at university, find a job/get married/contribute to the birth stats, die. It’s kind of like we have struggled so hard in our studies, that we take a small teeny break and immediately go back to finding ways to work hard and earn money. Treading water, not knowing that maybe its okay to stop treading sometimes and just float.

Anyway, it’s not like I am one to talk; one month into my holiday and I am already itching to go back to school again to learn new things. And I think maybe learning new things is the only way that we find comfort or solace in our cyclic existence? It gives our lives meaning (sure, other things like love do too, but that’s so tacky and involves emotions and feelings. ew.) and purpose? Learning news things and having pro-social experiences is probably one of the few ways that causes us not to just tread water but to actually swim instead.

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I miss school shitttttttttttt 😦 😦 😦

Like I miss going for lectures and attending tutorials and sitting with my friends or eating with them in the canteen 😥 I miss some of the teachers although I am pretty sure they have forgotten all about us already to block out the trauma of A’Levels 2k15 lol

Really glad that internship starts next week, it will definitely take my mind off things.

Talk to me like one of your French girls 

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^ Voulez-vous sotir avec moi? 😉 

Duolingo-ing had been fun! Though I feel that if it weren’t for my 2 years in basic French, I would definitely be more confused with the grammar. 

This is because French has this peculiar thing for verb conjugations which doesn’t really apply as much in English. For instance, you could say “She/He eats in the house” and “I/We/You/They eat in the house” 

But for French verbs the word used for I vs. We vs. You (and they have a formal “you” and informal “you” as well m) vs. She/He vs. They are all completely different! 

Verb conjugation: Manger ( To eat) 

Je mange la poisson – I eat the fish 

Ils mangent la poisson – They eat the fish 

Vous mangez la poisson – You (formal) eat the fish 

So there are SIX different conjugations of the same verb you have to remember each time. Ugh.

Aside from that, I also have found some awesome French songs – many of which are extremely tragic songs in happy upbeat pop tunes. I am quite fond of Mika’s French songs (he does English ones as well). Will definitely do a separate post on songs and Youtubers once I find more 🙂 But a favorite song amongst French teachers is definitely Champs Elyseé, the comment section was rife with comments such as “Whose French teacher brought them here? 🙋🏻” 

Will try to do more French posts to stay motivated. Only thing is that I am afraid once the internship starts I will be too tired/lazy to continue on as enthusiastically as I am now 😦



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After 4 years it has once again come around to full circle and I have decided to try are brush up on my French! Imagine after two years of essentially being forced to learn a language I only had marginal interest in, I am now voluntarily learning it. Or at least making an attempt to 😛 How successful my attempt would be how desperate I am to take in any form of new knowledge in the absence of school in the new year haha

While I do find the conversational French language really lovely, I have to admit this new aspiration does not stem from those cliche “new year new me” resolutions. Rather, I have fallen into the cesspool of really, really, really
hot French youtubers (namely the hot mess that is Cyprien Iov who looks like the love child of Zac Efron and Chris Pine) So whenever I click on a video and there is no English subtitles on it, I weep gently on the inside for giving up French after two years. 

I don’t have high hopes though, because I have this tendency to master a skill to a certain point and rapid lose interest. I struggle to remain interested and motivated on a certain activity and I have realized that the only thing that keeps me hooked are cute guys HAHAHA (the only reason I started cooking was after watching the Sorted boys for slightly more than a year…) 

I figured since I always waste time playing 1010! on my phone instead of focusing on the random YouTube video I would be watching, why not spend it on something beneficial? (Would just like to brag but my 1010 score is at 12,884 💁🏻 Yes, I am a no life loser) 

But let’s see how this plays out! Hopefully it will be trés bien! 😛

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