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Adventure into the law campus

February 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

Have been really inactive lately though I have been posting daily for the past three plus weeks, but that’s mainly because all my recent posts have been privated haha

Though yesterday was a pretty weird day. Amanda asked me to go down to the NUS Law Library to borrow books they needed for a research memo by next week (which is so sad because they will probably end up working over cny D:) and so I got to explore that part of  Singapore during office hours haha

It really felt like I was going on an adventure because I was going to somewhere where I had completely no knowledge about and it was also my first time taking taxi alone :’D When I was sitting in the taxi alone on the way there I was actually quite nervous because you know STRANGER DANGER!! And I realised if I was being scared of taking taxi alone, I am probably not ready to be an adult yet. But the taxi uncle started talking to me after around ten minutes of awkward silence and it was just a really nice mood breaker because it made the journey go a bit faster.

Also, growing up in DHS, you don’t get a lot of chances to know about people with actual real life problems. We lived in a bubble for 6 years and I feel that while DHS has ingrained in me a lot of great values, it has also kind of spoilt me in the sense I see the word through a very inexperienced and idealistic lens. The taxi uncle was telling me about how with the rising cost of living, the middle class are suffering and how despite him driving taxis for ten years, he has no savings at all because all the money he earns goes to paying the bills and supporting the family. That made me really understand how real and pertinent the struggles of the average person is going through. It is something that I probably never will be able to understand because I have always grown up in a sheltered schooling and family life. Though my family is by no means very well off, but we always have food on the table and I don’t have to worry too much about finances so in a way I am living in an ivory tower of entitlement. I am very grateful for the upbringing I have and how my parents always splurge everything on me at the expense of themselves, but this taxi ride really made me understand how fucking difficult it is on the average person in Singapore to earn and make a living.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable chat and in the end he even showed me a picture of his son who was seven on his phone when he was waiting for me to pay the fare. It was just really great to be able to have all these new experiences I never ever had in JC or whilst I was in DHS in general. Because during that time, my existence was confined entirely to my studies and the people I met in school. But after school and through this internship I am meeting a lot of different people from different backgrounds, and I learn how to make conversation and interact with them. I suppose this is the kind of education you can never get until you leave the safety net of school and enter the real world.

So anyway, got to the law campus and it can only be described as one word – stately. It had that really “regal” air to it I guess? Maybe I am just projecting my own sense of awe onto it haha But I do understand the wide eyed amazement the P6 kids have when they come to DHS for the first time – the sheer intensity and size of the campus is quite intimidating. Also it was really mind-blowing to me because I realised that every single person I saw was a law student and kind of what I wanted to be. Crazy. Anyway, I fumbled my way through and eventually found the library. It was super intense and deathly quiet inside. o.o  It made the DHS library look like a pasar malam by comparison (though for DHS, most of the noise originated from those annoying Y1/2 brats) Managed to locate all the books needed and checked them out without much problems.

Decided to take a sight-seeing around the campus since I was there already and basically just wandered around aimlessly and tried not to look too conspicuous. Two guys (that were like late twenties) asked me where “that famous eating place in the campus was” and I had to tell them that I wasn’t a student there lol. Then it became this whole conversation on how I even managed to borrow the books and shit (told them I was on a law internship), then they asked if I “knew anyone who wanted a internship” at their media company or something (because I told them I was just out of JC). The guy even gave me his name card and asked if I had Linkdin hahaha Anyway, when I told my dad about this incident later on he scolded me for telling strangers so much about myself HAHAHA DHS has officially broken my sense of self-preservation I think.

Finished wandering and bumbled around and eventually got to the shuttle bus which took me to Botanic Gardens MRT because there wasn’t any direct SBS buses/taxi stands on campus. (it was on a bloody hill) Wanted to take a taxi back because Amanda had given me $20 and I was a lazy piece of shit but eventually gave up waiting for a taxi in the hot sun. Carried the books all the way back to the office on the MRT and now I have more muscles for CNY hahaha

It was a really fun experience and it was just super cool to be able to look around the library (which is not open to outsiders with no library card) as well as the campus in general! 😀


^ My expression on the outside 


^ This was me internally when I was on the campus.  

On a random side note – I feel like my writing skills have deteriorated after three months with no school haha 

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