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/this is a super random and all over the place post./

Supervisor just sent me work over email to start on tomorrow morning, probably because she knows I am always notoriously early coming in and will have nothing to do before everyone else in my department arrives because I finished up all my work today. Spent the last half an hour of work dwaddling and clicking around the folders aimlessly because I didn’t want to pester my supervisor as she looked really busy with her own stuff.

Will have earned $450 by the end of tomorrow! Of course there’s CPF to pay, but I think I have earned enough to recoup my expenses ever since A’Levels ended and I didn’t have school or a job. But I won’t get any money till the end of the month…

I realised that ever since I started Carousell as well as getting a job, I am more careful with how I spend and what I spend on. In school, I didn’t really bother and I just bought and ate whatever I want, which included exorbitant $7 coffee bean iced coffees. Now, the thought of spending $6 – $7 on capitalist coffee (aka starbucks) is one that I would never imagine doing, mainly because I can eat an entire meal for much less than a cup of over glorified coffee. I was so pleased with myself today because I found that I had exactly $17 left over from the $35 I started the week off with (and that was from my Carousell earnings), and I had told myself I would splurge two days max in a working week and since this week is a short week, I would save up to spend on lunch for Thursday.

I forgot to pack water today from home and because I already told myself to lay off the gratious afternoon teh-bings (because 1. extra cost 2. fattening as hell) I was forced to buy bottled water. For those who are interested in saving money like me: DO NOT BUY BOTTLED WATER ANYWHERE BESIDES SUPERMARKETS!!!

/auntie mode engaged/

At Giant or even Cold Storage, bottled water is always 45 – 55 cents per bottle. In convenience stores, the priced is marked up by 300% – $1.60 was the horrendous price that greeted me at the Cheers store in the mrt station. I was so affronted by those price mark up that I vowed never to cave into such capitalist exploitation schemes. (I have seen establishments such as Hans Cafe selling bottled water for like $3-$4) ย However, today I was desperate, I was going to run late and earlier one of my contacts literally fell out of my eye and I was having a pretty lousy start to the morning – so I broke.

I was pretty annoyed at myself for being even in such a position in the first place, and so in a cheap effort at appeasing my own indignant feelings, I decided to pay for the water in exclusively 5, 10 and 20 cent coins HAHAHA


And there wasn’t any line up in the store, so I wasn’t being that obnoxious, k.

You know what is obnoxious?? Charging people a 300% markup on bottled water – you might as well be that same sergeant who decided to throw six grenades instead of the two.

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Change of plans, apparently there is much more stuff to upload for the SMU app, so I will just scan everything today and arrange to submit by tomorrow. I really just want to get apps over and done with because it’s probably only the first hurdle. I really need to be more disciplined to keep abreast on current affairs while juggling work, I always slack off when I come home and find myself too lazy to read the newspaper and stuff. It’s so bad ugh. ๐Ÿ˜ก

Randomly chanced upon this dayre of this girl who was overseas studying law in Bristol. She sounds so sad and depressed in all her posts, especially when she’s talking about missing her family and having to put up with the shit that comes with uprooting your life to live in a foreign country. Plus the fact that law is a super intensive course to start off with, and that just compounded her stress I guess?ย I suppose the first year is always the hardest, and things will hopefully get better for her…

I guess, this made me kind of glad that I am confirm staying in Singapore to do my undergraduate studies? It does sound so nice to say you are “doing law in the UK”, but I guess lustre and “name” can’t really bring you very far unless you really like the university you are going to, or they have a decent support system. (Something I feel a lot of the UK unis don’t really have, despite the presence of SG/M’sia associations.) Some more I am the only child and I am always worrying about my parents, and I am so attached to them. I feel it is easier for kids with younger siblings to leave home because at least the parents still have one kid to keep them company and all…. (does it work that way with siblings? Idk :/)

Honestly, if someone magically reversed time and offered me a place to study in any of the UK universities I applied to, I probably would still be accepting their offers. I feel a large component would be the pressure coming from my dad because he always wanted me to do law in the UK and there was no way he would let me pass on a opportunity if it had worked out. But looking back on it, I guess I am partly really glad that particular door has closed for now. Reading that girl’s post gave me second-hand anxiety even though I am confirm not going overseas anymore.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t love a chance to go overseas to study. I would love to, and maybe some day, somehow it will happen.

But for now, I am just going to be as positive about this whole uni application period as I can ๐Ÿ™‚ And be grateful for all the people I have in my life, from my parents, to all my friends who I can meet face to face literally at any time. No use stressing about it at all and over preparing to the point I just wreck myself into a bundle of nerves like the econs a’levels HAHAHA (stupid potash…) Can’t wait to submit everything tomorrow and be done with it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


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Feel so exhausted after completing the first app that I have no mood to do the other one. Especially with their 200 character limit for the extra-curriculars… Why can’t they just use NUS’s system and not require any description in the first place sigh?

Anyway, will finish it and submit by tonight F I N A L L Y



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Worked on my uni app essay (the 2000 character one) in the morning and basically did nothing in the afternoon but watch poorly-researched VICE documentaries and Rooftoop Prince with my mom HAHAHA (that drama is so convoluted with its confusing story arcs but it has that k-drama irresistibility of cute main leads and satisfying my vindictive hatred towards the equally good-looking bad guys/girls)

Updated it just now again and revamped a lot of the ending. I am slightly over the limit, but nothing my H3 lit skills can’t fix. I am going to sleep on it, work on it in the morning tomorrow then submit my NUS app by the afternoon. Because SMU has some extra steps, such as scanning documents and actually involving requiring us to write about our extra curriculars, I will finish that application by tomorrow night and the worse will be over.

Moreover, I am even more pleased by my discovery in how NUS has structured their “extra curriculars” portion for the app, with requires no self-glorifying description of how your built a toilet in Cuba for the street orphans, or was a world champion cross-country runner that ran for cancer support. Just two simple drop down boxes to fill in. Awesome! I like how it was implicitly saying: “we all know your contributions are probably one tenth of what you are going to describe it in your apps, so let’s save everyone the headache and take it out completely.”

Also, people like me who struggle with extra curriculars won’t lose out as much as those who have ten thousand extra CIP hours or some shit like that. Because they just can’t fit it all in the drop-down section lol. Let those imba kids fight it out for the scholarships shall we, I will be content not to have a repeat of OxF0rD hahaha



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Okay, determined to finish my uni apps (both of them!) by either today or tomorrow.

  1. Because I already publicly announced my intention to three other people that I was going to finish my apps this weekend
  2. I already rejected going out with Kimberley to BooksActually because I said I needed to focus on finishing my damn apps. sobs.
  3. when I finish I am going to be less burdened and I can merrily continue on with earning money whilst temping and doing assorted of other stuff, such as try to keep up with current affairs and finally read more books

The reason why I don’t like doing uni apps because I always overthink on what to write and how I sound like through my words. Then I get anxiety because I have heard that for interviews (assuming I get one), some interviewers may eviscerate your essay portion because they are sadistic bastards who want to see if you have the mental faculties to defend some pretentious prose you wrote at 12am. School essays are less stressful because they don’t represent who I am or what I believe in per say. They are just a reflection of your ability to write and your understanding of the text, uni apps I feel are the opposite.

After going through UCAS, I often wondered where I went wrong. My LNATs were good (at least for the MCQ, though I think my essay portion was horrendous) My grades were not as impressive I must admit, because I had used my prelim results which were generally quite shit for someone who wants to go into a competitive course. But I always keep going back to my PS. Looking back, I realised that perhaps I had stuck to the book a little too rigidly. I aspired to tick every box and watch every youtube tutorial on “How to Write your Personal Statement”. As a result, reading back on my PS is akin to watching paint dry.

So I am fearful of committing the same mistake again with this round of uni apps. Although realistically, I know that the essay portion isn’t as crucial as your grades (which is the basic cut off point to be offered an interview) and then the interview and written tests. I suppose unless your written essay is full of grammatical errors of spelling boo-boos, if your grades meet the cut-off and you seem interested enough in the course, you probably won’t be penalised too heavily on your content of the essay, languidly tepid or wildly controversial or not.

I can’t believe I wrote an entire H3 lit research paper whilst high on sleep deprivation and self-imposed doubt and now I am getting cold feet over a measly 300 word essay. Jesus christ.


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