June 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

“I didn’t get the dream – I got the life instead.”

Heard this on Buzzfeed’s Father’s Day video and I really love the sentiment in these words. 

I guess like a lot of people – my greatest fear was leading an average life. A life where I work the same job at the same desk with the same people doing the same things because I’m trapped in this endless rut of normalcy and utter average-ness. 

But I guess this kind of reminded me how empty dreams can be if there is no one else in your life to celebrate it with. Attaining your dream is like this momentary high, that feeling of ecstasy and fulfillment but how long can that really last? You study so hard to get into that school and you get in that school and that sense of accomplishment and pride lingers but it can’t sustain you forever. Then you move onto chasing new dreams and new highs when you get down from that high of attaining the current dream and everything just fades into a sense of vague contented background noise. 

I guess in the end it’s the people who you have in your life that matter the most. 


June 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

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Haven’t written poetry in years almost. To think I got thousands of notes on tumblr for my destiel poetry when I was posting in Year 4 when I hadn’t even the faintest clue what love was HAHA (still don’t really know what it is now tbh)

Meh day today for a bunch of reasons that even I don’t really know why I’m feeling particularly down – hence the emo foray back into poetry. Probably because I was alone at work since Waves is off for the day but usually I’m really okay with being alone and by myself so I don’t even know if that’s why I’m a bit gloomier today.

I spilled coffee on my newest favourite top today during lunch, maybe that’s why I’m so down. 😦 It’s a white top as well so that’s just brilliant. Couldn’t really eat lunch today because I was rushing photocopying and doing stuff for one of the guys in my department because there’s this fancy function thing at the Istana tonight. Felt a bit like Stevens when I was at my desk looking through all the lists in each file to make sure they were correct and stuff. At the same time realised how pathetic Stevens really was when he was glorifying his contributions in polishing the silver and so on – at least I realistically know that most of the stuff I photocopied probably won’t be read but I’m okay with that because I’m just doing my job to the best of my abilities?? I love how lit is always useful even after we leave school – and yet people consider it a “fluffy” topic? 😮 Like tell me one instance where knowing that water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom would benefit your normal daily living?????

Yeah anyway, tomorrow will definitely be a better day! Waves is coming back, I will have a new top that won’t have a huge coffee stain on it and maybe I will stop being dumb kid.


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