Book Review: The End of the World Running Club

July 2, 2016 § Leave a comment


Picked up The End of the World Running Club by Adrian J Walker at JEM’s Kinokuniya last week because 1. I haven’t bought a book in so long. and 2. I earn my own money now (to a certain extent) so I can indulge in a few literary splurges 3. They had a 20% discount for members and err body knows I am a bitch for book sales.


Sometimes I go into Kino with a book in mind and I either get disappointed because sometimes the books I want are not stocked or that there is only one book left and the cover is icky, the spine is wrinkly or the pages look like they have been fondled by too many people (I am a slut for books, but I don’t like when my books are sluts okay). But sometimes I just go in with the intention of buying a book but no idea what book I am going to end up cradling home. Sometimes it’s a hit, like when I picked up one of my new favourite books The Mark and the Void by Paul Murray on a note of pure serendipity because the cover just happened to be facing outwards instead of being slotted in and the cover and title caught my eye. But there are also a lot of instances when it’s a miss, such as Quicksand by Steve Toltz which had a lot great reviews on Goodreads but I didn’t find particularly interesting at all and abandoned it after 40 pages.

The End of the World Running Club was really a last-minute grab for me, because I had made my rounds around the store but nothing really caught my eye till the last second when I saw it amongst the “popular” stacks of book they always display at the front of the store. Usually, my literary pretentious self would have ignored the books displayed on that table because a lot of the books are like “airport reads” aka tepid crime “thrillers” that honestly are so predictable and cliche it hurts the lit student in me to even look at their awful covers – usually a silhouette of a guy in suit with a gun, or a artsy alleyway with somebody running into the moonlight. But, in this case the book’s title and the book jacket really called out to me because I do enjoy my fair share of pretentious book titles (aka The Remains of the Day, The Fault in our Stars, The Mark and the Voidstarting to realise a theme here…) I do appreciate a book title which spells out the entire book’s premise to you at first glance. It also had a really good rating on Goodreads (a 4 out of 5 stars) so like any believer in democracy, I rallied with the masses and bought it on a whim.

/okay cue the actual book review here, sorry I really like narrating the backstory to how I get my books for some strange reason/

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