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August 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Went back to DHS with the Up All Night squad and it was such a great meet up and I have missed talking to Kimbz and Zi Wei and Waves in person so so so much. I love how we can just pick up right where we stopped and it’s like nothing much has changed even though our lives have split into so many different new pathways.

And talking to the teachers and okay lah, not gonna lie, it was a bit awkward at times because I wasn’t that close to any of them before so I didn’t know what to say? Plus the fact my life isn’t very interesting at the moment haha :’) But always felt like they would slip in some advice on life/boys/school and you can just tell it’s always so genuine and they care so much about the students and the ex-students it just elicits a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings in me. 🙂


Then shit-talking in the canteen around the area where we used to sit when we were still studying in school was so nice and ~good vibes~ 🙂 The bunch of us probably have gotten more rowdier and non-PG 13 coming out from DHS, but it still feels nice to know that you always have genuinely good, wonderful and amazing people in your life despite the barrage of change around you.

Was planning to go at 3pm because I am so so so behind on my readings and assignment prep but ended up staying till 5? Completely conked off when I reached home because I was exhausted from staying up till 2 last night so I didn’t start work till 9. Sigh. But I don’t regret staying back though! Readings, can always finish some other time – but meeting with friends and talking with your old teachers is an opportunity that doesn’t come very often (especially with our conflicting schedules and school ramping up.)

Didn’t do very well for my first case summary assignment for LARC. But it was expected I suppose, I just had a lot of anxiety going into it because it was the first time we were completely on our own and the tutors don’t really guide us through anything anymore. (Preparation for working life no doubt, the handholding has to stop at some point). If I had to be positive, it would definitely be that making all the mistakes for the first not so important assignment is a great way for me to learn from the things I did wrong/misunderstood to improve in the next upcoming email assignment haha.


Academics aside, I finally joined a sub-club in school 😀 I never really envisioned joining pr0-b0n0’s migrant worker project for real before actually applying but after weighing the cost and benefits I realised it was probably the best fit for me. It’s definitely not the “slackest” sub-club but I figured I needed to have a life outside academics and mugging. Plus I wanted to do something that I wouldn’t necessarily get to do in school, which is meeting with beneficiaries who actually would benefit from the subject we are studying. To be honest, I don’t know much about migrant worker issues (aside from the really abstract general knowledge stuff) and I will be the first to admit I suffer from my fair share of pre-conceived biases and prejudices. So I guess this will be a challenge for me to overcome my own ignorance and also see what exactly what I am slaving over for the next 4 years will help when I go into practice.

That’s all for now – life is… challenging. But it’s days like this where help tide you through the storms.



August 17, 2016 § Leave a comment

So much things to do, to review, to read, to understand and I always feel like I have to touch and go on some stuff (because I have to finish tutorials or read through lecture handouts) and never can fully delve in to understand and remember shit?? 

I miss when it was me and my lit texts and just pure analysis and I have room to breathe and think and make connections. :/ history always bugged me in that sense because there was always endless of extra readings and I always had difficulty discerning which parts were important…

But positive points today:

  1. Finally got our squad picture in front of the famous M.M white arches heheh 😊 we tried to go for an aesthetic themed look (we chose “studious” cos law skool mah) but although not much matching, it was still fun planning a proper outfit instead of playing safe and just wearing whatever. 
  2. Tangential point: grateful for the friends I have made so far and the old friends as well. People really make a difference in your law skool journey and I hope to make even more and better friendships in the future !! 🙂
  3. Realized first floor library study area is a solid 8/10. 👍🏼 I found the 2nd floor study areas too depressing and stifling tho. (I coughed twice and tried to restrain myself because thrice would seem excessive in that silence)
  4. But having buddies studying with you is an instant 10/10 
  5. Tort tutorial the prof seems friendly and nice. But better is that he’s only doing next sem. Our prof for this sem couldn’t make it today so he took over temporarily. So one more shot at making a good first impression 😂 (I didn’t really talk much in tutorial this time because I felt a bit lost and displaced)
  6. My parents returned safe from JB! That place is lawless man.
  7. Treasure hunting is going well and I think I can collect the full booty tomorrow along with ma homies 💪🏼 #actuallyanassignment


August 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Second week of lawsku starting and the smu peeps will have just started school next week :O meanwhile I feel like I have been in inundated into this fresh hell for ages and ages already. It’s like nothing feels “new” even though it’s been only four days? The course material is of course, really new to me and the term hasn’t really started per say, but it seems like the past four days have been like the normal grind? 

All the little bits of the humanities is coming back to haunt me now haha one of my modules has to do with the Singaporean legal system and we have to watch videos to prep for seminar sessions. One of the videos I had to watch today was about the formation of the modern day legal systems in SEA. Which inevitably led to a whole crash course on the colonial/independence history behind each SEA state. To think I thought I left my old friends of Sukarno and Ne Win far behind after SEA history. 

Then in another, totally separate reading there was some mention about the whole economic element of law – the whole cost benefit market “invisible hand” blahblah nonesense. Triggered by two ex-subjects, what are the odds?? 

On a similar tangent, there is a course on “Law in Literature”. I think it’s a year 3 elective or something. But I’m super hype for it omg???? #thelitstudent5eva 

Have to really to my damn torts reading and catch up on the past lecture… I totally procrastinated Saturday and half of today away sigh. Looking forward to a new week 😊😊😊

First week of lawskoo

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Third day of lawsku and it’s nearly the end of my first week here. It doesn’t even feel like my first week, it feels like any old week and I have been here for ages and ages. Not sure if a good thing or bad thing but yup. I would have thought there would be a huge increase in people around the school after matric week since the seniors would have also come back, but strangely the school is always somewhat empty(?)

In DHS (maybe because we had 6 levels crammed into one shared living space) school hours always meant the school was alive and loud and… energised. But in law school, it always seems like the campus is half empty and there’s hardly any more people during the term than matric week when only the freshies were on the grounds. And it’s so difficult telling people apart and how old they are because honestly some people look so grown up?? Can never tell if they are first years or second years inundated into this fresh circle of academic hell.

I’m not sure if this is the same for other faculties, but law sk00l literally grabs you by the neck and flings your sorry weak JC ass into the deep end. When I mean the deep end, I literally mean so deep I don’t even know what the fuck I’m supposed to be doing half the time. After years and years of being told “no more spoon-feeding” and promptly having the luxury of nice, great, dedicated teachers who were willing to babysit our sorry excuse of an 18 year old selves anyway, uni is definitely a huge change.

For example, for one of our modules the instructor didn’t even go through with us exactly how she wanted us to do the assignment. She only briefly told us that we had an assignment due on Thursday and left us to it?? We basically had to learn how to do the assignment ourselves and through reading the readings (which are an understatement, they are fucking giant textbooks, that in the right circumstance, can qualify as a murder weapon). And my experience is a shared one across almost all the tutors here. No more coddling you around, you get your own shit in order here. Even for tutorial prep, the tutors just upload the required reading materials onto the learning platform and the onus is on us to take the initiative to check every day to see what new things have been uploaded for us to do.


^ #checkyourprivilege #donnigWHO v. stevenSIAN   #lawskulmadbanter

(also, I may have low-key anxiety about submitting work. I just like to place a lot of unrealistic and unnecessary expectations on myself so hola)

Aside from that, it seems there is so many readings to do. It literally never stops piling up and unless you get your shit in order from day 1, by the end of it you can literally be drowning and not know what the fuck you signed up for. I just got my textbooks today (my lovely OGLs helped us to order the photocopied versions because I’m too socially awkward to buy them from random seniors lmao) and it’s fucking crazy how thick they are.


^ I had to help Heather collect her books as well cos she wasn’t in school yet and between us we had ordered 19 BOOKS (each book is the weight of a small child imo) but luckily/serendipitously I had friends and friends of friends to help me carry the boxes and I just felt so grateful because I would have been in such deep shit if I had been all alone with no one to help share the load and yeah :> 

But okay, I have ranted and winged a lot about law skul but it still has been a good experience so far? I have talked to so many new people and for a majority of people it’s just really easy talking to them one on one because it just feels like I can be on the same roughly wavelength with them (??) And it’s so weird to be in a setting where literally everybody in the room has watched Suits LOL. I’m not saying everyone is a fucking daisy and we play ring around the rosie all the time, but generally a lot of the people here are really great and it’s easy to talk to them. It’s always subtly passive aggressive competition amongst everybody but I hardly met any “pretentious” people (though I do not doubt their existence for one moment).

kay, I have procrastinated reading my cases for Torts long enough. This blog has seen me through the entirety of my JC years, hopefully it will see me through uni as well 🙂

Crazy, wonderful, baffling.

August 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

School starts in A DAY. *horrified face emoji*

I can still remember the feeling of restlessness and lethargy of having nothing to occupy my brain 8 months ago. It’s crazy how fast time has flown by, it doesn’t even feel like August (more like March/April) Meanwhile, I realised that going into uni means a lot of semi-adult shit that I need to do like printing forms for tuition grants, paying money for textbooks, signing up for clubs etc etc etc.

Also, was watching Suits this afternoon (because I spent the better half of the day aggressively trying to clear my blocked sinuses, I needed a self-indulgent break okay) and it struck me how surreal it was that I’m going to be reading law. Like, you don’t spend the better half of your life mooning after a god forsaken subject without feeling a bit “star-struck” that you are actually going to study it for the very first time. For real.

Though I have this feeling that the novelty of it all will start fading away as soon as the real work sets in and I am literally struck in the face by the workload…

I’m a bit afraid of being able to cope with the workload, confusing/bad profs and all the general nonsense that the law sk00l rumour mill generates. I just hope I can settle into a rhythm soon and the adjustment process doesn’t take too long. For SH lit, I adapted pretty quickly from the jump from Y4 lit to Y5 lit (although incurring some pretty deplorable single digit essay scores in the process) so it was relatively smooth sailing from thereon. For the likes of history on the other hand… the adjustment process was much more tedious and horrid and it was safe to say I probably didn’t know 50% of my history shit till A Levels officially started – judging from my Y5 grades up to prelims, I definitely was a wildcard case based on grade statistics alone. Law being a totally new subject I have no idea what to expect going in, I’m just hoping I will be able to pick up on it like how I picked up on lit. I guess I hope I grow to like it as much as I loved lit.

That being said, I am semi grateful for having been an employed, productive member of society for the past few months. Going to work forces me to wake up at a decent time every week day, without it, I definitely would have a hard time waking for the early 9am lectures in my near future…


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