Answering my 17 year old self.

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Was looking through my old private-private Twitter account and came across this post from nearly three years ago. (also realised how angsty I was in JC omg, I thought I was a happy child? Apparently not.)

Seeing that I am gonna be the “20-year old me” soon I’m going to retrospectively answer my 17 year old self about what happened since 6/10/14

How was A Levels? – Not bad! You finally did that H3 lit you were planning to do and there were some hard moments, but you won’t regret doing it

Did pw go alright? – It did 🙂 OP went better than expected and all of you got As

What about uni? – You didn’t end up going to the UK, but you are still pretty happy staying here after all. Also you got into law sku! Congrats kid

Were interviews hard? – Law interviews went great for both! You would really enjoy the Asia Global Law sku one because you got to talk about lit and books and it was all really jolly and fun

Are you still the same person you were in 2014? In some ways yeah, but I think you will become much much happier ^^

I hope I can use this line one day.

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“What’s the law for?” 

“The law enables people to choose for themselves – within the limits laid down – how they will attempt to maximise their own separate, portions of happiness.”

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When you stop giving a fuck for a moment, and let loose, it is riveting – like throwing open the metaphorical curtains and facing the merciless onslaught of sunlight glaring into your eyes. It’s liberation from your own thoughts, your own self, your own body. To fling yourself so passionately and uncaringly into things that matter, into conversations with people, to answering and asking questions in class. That’s something I would like to work on in 2017. To live recklessly, but joyfully, to embrace life inside and out of my head in its unchanging, overwhelming, glaring totality

– A paragraph from a privated post 


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Before every exam (like Alevels) I have called on the power of The Mike. And it has largely worked out for me. Contract tomorrow. honestly need all the luck I can get with this paper. Lucky Mike picture don’t fail me now bby 💕

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