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February 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

Mentally tired, but not exhausted.

Today was a late day because contracted ended at 5.30 and I only got home around 6.45. On one hand it was a good catchup and banter session with YH on the train (old friends are the best, it’s like wearing a comfy home tee that you never have to think too much about) But on the other this meant I felt like I didn’t really do much revision…

I also didn’t do much on the moot thing (I promised I would do it regularly up till memorial submissions) but I had to read for crim and prep for tomorrow’s class and I can’t sacrifice my actual graded subjects for a moot that is not going to affect my academics you know… But at the same time I can’t help but feel like this moot is important and I need to pour in my 110%. Then again, today’s contract lecture did cover a substantive part of restraint of trade and this really helped fortify my basic understanding of the clause 3 of the contract for the moot, so technically doing this moot is not only helping me with my actual academic work (so yay! benefits!) but the lecture is at the same time a indirect benefit for my moot prep so I shouldn’t beat myself over not reading cases or whatever today for the prep. Anyway I did spend around an hour reading a textbook on Restrictive Covenants and it seems that it is the most applicable textbook on the subject that I can get so I have most of the materials I need for research (plus lawnet and lexis of course)

Whenever I catch myself being too serious/stressed for the moot I try to remind myself that I am just doing this moot for fun, and while I am going to put in my very best effort in it – I should prioritise my actual school work over it because at the end of the day, whether I do well at prelims is not going to be reflected in my finals and stuff. Plus, I’m just a Y1 and I will have tons of opportunities in the future. This is just a really beneficial learning experience for me, especially since the question is related to the stuff we actually have to study for in exams ^^

Probably not going to go for the pr0 b0n0 chillout because it’s literally 2 hours… And that means I need to drag my sorry ass out of the house earlier than I would have because crim class starts late tomorrow and there’s not torts lecture for me to attend. I think I will see how up I am for it, though I don’t really care that it’s compulsory since 1. nothing in uni is compulsory 2. one of the rare fridays I get the whole morning + afternoon to doing work and taking a more chill pace 3. I don’t really want to go

If I wanted to go, I would go. I’m not the kind of person who stops herself from going to fun events because she wants to prioritise studying. In this case, I don’t want to go because I’m just quite tired and I wanted the afternoon off and not have to be cheery and sociable you know? Sigh.

I know life isn’t about study study study but I feel like I don’t have time to do any other thing but study especially if I want to do well in school. I wish I had a hobby like ballet dancing, or tennis or ice skating or basketball or whatever but I don’t? The only thing that I do that can be considered a hobby is reading. But then again isn’t reading kind of like what I’m doing in school? Read read read read – just that I read fiction instead of cases. But in a way, aren’t cases just like fiction (aside from the fact they are actual real life events)? Everything is organised into a story, but you have to expend brain power trying to find out why a story is constructed in a certain way and what principles and policy considerations underly it.

I’m rambling but I guess what I want to say is that can reading be considered a hobby? It’s not terribly exciting, but it’s the only thing that I actively wish I had more time to do. Maybe I’m just not a sporty kind of person with sporty kind of hobbies, nor am I a musical kind of person with music-y kinds of hobbies. Can law be a hobby? oh dear.


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