The F Word

February 8, 2017 § Leave a comment

I feel utterly terrible as with most things that accompany me submitting a memo/skeletal. I feel terrible because I wasted the better half of last night doing absolute rockshit for my academics and going on this weird dissociative fandom binge on House MD’s wikipedia page. Oh god and it’s not like I have a skeletal due in three days ha ha ha ha ha.


fuck fuck fuck.

Fuck is my favourite word because it contains all the fury and frustration that I want to convey in a less vulgar word but can’t seem to find a suitable replacement for. There is no non-vulgar alternative to fuck. Fuck is glorious and expressive and exuberant and angry. How can a single word contain so many multitudes as the simple “fuck”? Fuck – when it is not aimed at someone in a derogatory way (which applies to all words really if you think about it) is not a bad word. Why is it a bad word? It’s only bad when people use it to hurt others. But then there are so many non-vulgar words that people use to hurl abuse and to bully with – stupid, idiot, fat, thin, boring, weird, creepy, lame, small, big, virgin, slut. And we don’t shove those words into the box of “crass” and “vulgar”. (And how fucking ironic is that most of these words are just two sides of the same coin?)

In any case, how is “fuck” vulgar? It’s not intrinsically repellent, not like the word “moist” that sends shivers down one’s spine. “It’s not polite!” some would decry, and I agree, it’s not a word I would use within polite company. But that doesn’t explain why “fuck” is a bad word. Fuck is like a metaphorical verbal squeeze on a stress ball, it is the culmination of all your inner feelings of hatred, frustration, self-loathing, and the whole shazam of unexplainable messy, messy feelings welling up into a lovely, perfect, one syllable word of vulgarity. But maybe it’s this association with vulgarity that makes “fuck” so enjoyable to say. There are a lot of similar words – duck, luck, muck, suck – but you don’t see me screaming “DUCK ME!!!!” when I realise I have a skeletal submission due in three days.



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