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February 12, 2017 § Leave a comment

Yesterday and half of today was quite a chill day and by chill day I mean I accomplished absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada.

Well, I did finish The Liar by Stephen Fry which came in the mail on either Wednesday or Thursday but I was busy freaking over my half-finished memo for the moot that I didn’t have the time nor will to crack it open. But I finally read half of it yesterday and finished it this afternoon and it was definitely worth the read! Some parts got extremely confusing, especially towards the end but it’s one of those books I bought for the author and not for the book and that kind of makes my expectations not as high? It’s weird because when I buy a book for a book or its story or whatever, I have an expectation that it should meet this and this and that. But if I buy it for an author, it is usually because I have loved a piece of his other work or his writing style, and I am more lenient with the plot holes or inconsistent writing, weird characters etc.

In any case, this would conclude my Stephen Fry reading binge and I have finished both his autobiographies and two of his novels, and I don’t expect to read any more of his books (I think he has one more novel, but the premise wasn’t terribly exciting so I won’t be getting it)

Of course, if Stephen publishes another biography or another novel, I would probably end up getting it anyway. I like that his writing is so flowery and purple prose-ish and self-indulgent, but always seems to be aware of its own pretentiousness. Reading his novels after reading his biographies was honestly so jarring, because his autobiographies don’t even look like they have gone through editing, and he slapped some incoherent thoughts onto a microsoft processor and it became a book. You can HEAR his voice in his words, and not just in his autobiographies but even in his fiction novels. You can hear Stephenisms in some of the dialogue or the expressions. Though to be honest, I wouldn’t really recommend his books to my friends, mainly because I just really liked him as a person first and that was what made me want to buy his books. It’s as much self-indulgent as reading can be. In the same way J K Rowling could publish a shit novel, and all the Potterheads would still snap it up with the same rigour.

Anyway, I also think that I like reading Stephen’s self-indulgent, stream of consciousness-type writing because my entire life now is filled with reading concise, mechanical and rather instructive-type literature. Although this was the same in JC, I also have to write in such simplistic, concise and rather clinical language and style.

So in a sense, it’s just nice to read something really flowery and inconsequential, words that aren’t thought through twice or a hundred times, words that babble and flow from absolute nonsense.

Of course, that is not to say law is clinical – some of the best judgements I read have literally made me laugh out loud and there is definitely merit in writing that is clear as it is concise. I remember having really awful writing style back in secondary/JC where my sentences would just go on and on and on till the Armageddon came. I think it’s just how my brain thinks, it’s all really messy and convoluted up there. (which is why I struggle with speaking up spontaneously in class) So learning how to write concisely, and the beauty in simplicity has made me appreciative of this new skill I have picked up thanks to law. Of course, there is no such minimalism in my blog writing, mainly because I can’t be bothered to type properly in this space, because if I had to think and overthink how to write proper sentences and syntax or whatever in my leisure time, my head would surely burst.

I probably haven’t mastered my law content to write beautifully yet. If I didn’t know my lit texts in JC, I probably couldn’t have written half the essays I did well in. In fact, I doubt I would be able to reproduce a lit essay, half the quality I could have two years ago.

This post was a load of balberdash wasn’t it? I still have so many books to read so I will hold off on buying more. Though I have a few I have in mind to order from bookdepository. Another week perhaps, when I don’t have yet another memorandum looming on the horizons…



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