The Naked Lightbulb


my entire blog is essentially pretentious shit.

Was a triple Humanities student, or else known as one of the brave souls undertaking the History, Econs, Lit, Math combination. Any other information has to be inferred from the reader’s own discretion with a full PEEL structure and Own Voice Analysis thrown in.

*An economic diagram of the circular flow model would not be needed but would give additional pity points.

Now a law student, or else known as one of the brave souls undertaking, well –  law. Duh.  Any other information has to be taken from my ratio decidendi of these posts, whilst picking out all the useless obiter that appear relevant, but you soon realise is just self-indulgent shit.

 **This blog is infused with 105% more sarcasm and bitchiness than what I usually project IRL. (Usually I am just this ball of awkward social anxiety, so what’s new)

***Unless you are one of my favourite humans, then you are exposed to my horrendous morals 24/7.


§ 2 Responses to The Naked Lightbulb

  • mud&flowers says:

    hello MY(using ur initials bc idk if u wna be named on ur blog haha) , if ur having a sudden blog stats spike i confess its me oops. i just clicked your blog link from ur insta profile and scrolled through and ur sass-sarcasm thing is v cool and you’re kinda swaggy and i rly agree w your LKY post
    – trina


    • homeiyin says:

      Hello Trina 😀 I saw your comment like a week ago and only got to replying now whoops D: It’s a bit weird because I got strangely excited when I saw your comment because I read your blog too sometimes because I like to read your poetry and it’s so disconcerting because you are now reading my blog and yeah it’s like inception haha.

      Liked by 1 person

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