Gifted and Talented Programs Dumb Down Our Students

February 9, 2015 § Leave a comment

Highly applicable to the Singapore context and can be used more for the crafting of argument and evaluations although much less use for concrete evidence. Obviously for evidence you can just look to the semi-elitist programmes in place in primary schools (GEP), secondary schools (IP program? Kind of?) and JCs (practically everything to do with JC stinks of backhanded elitism)


In America, we place great value on natural talent. We idolize the sheer genius of Albert Einstein and the creative brilliance of Steve Jobs—framing their success within the idea that geniuses like these are born, not created.

We have a surprisingly antiquated and misguided idea of how real talent comes to be, and this mistaken belief is holding our country back. There is no place where this myth is more destructive than in education.

Since the inception of “Gifted and Talented” programs, we have operated based on the idea that children are either born with rare and exceptional intellectual capacity, or they are not. In other words, being gifted is exactly that—a gift, having little or nothing to do with a child’s effort and everything to do with his or her natural ability.

This pushes parents of bright young children to become hyper focused on proving their child’s giftedness at…

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