The World’s Obsession With Amal Isn’t About Her Accomplishments

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As a service to greater humanity a.k.a my two to three loyal followers (yes I check the stats and that’s what the hit counter is for) I have decided to set up a GP folder where I share interesting news articles to perpetuate and ostensibly improve DHS’s GP A rate through my pretentious online blog.

Anyway, I feel like the article below regarding Amal Clooney is on point on the depiction of women in the media. Particularly how it seems the media while trying to pander to the times of feminism and gender equality, seems to only do so to show how “current and hip” they are in not reducing women to what bloody clothes they are and are not wearing.

Aside from using this as evidence for media/gender essays, I feel it also has the potential to be a original and unorthodox introduction starter as well as providing a humorous enough link back to be placed in the conclusion to tie up the essay neatly with a pretty pretty bow that the Cambridge markers seem to like.


Amal Clooney is at it again— doing something celebrities don’t usually do, and looking like a movie star while doing it.

This time, she’s arguing in the European Court of Human Rights against a Turkish politician who denied the existence of an Armenian genocide 100 years ago in which more than 1.5 million people were brutally murdered. That’s, like, sooo impressive… but who is she wearing?

When a reporter from The Telegraphasked her, she cheekily replied “Ede and Ravenscroft,” the legal robes maker that has been selling drab back judge costumes since 1689, the year Benjamin Franklin’s parents met.

Once she did that, the focus shifted from the history of the Armenian genocide to Amal’s sense of humor and fashion choices. The global reaction to her comments was proof that jig is up: it’s stop pretending you care about what Amal Clooney is doing, when you really just…

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